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    Bookings Any Suggestions for Fathers Day?

    Father's Day To help promote Father's Day you can call you past hosts/guests to ask if they have any men in their lives who love to BBQ. Almost all would say YES!!! If so, let them know of our great BBQ products - don't forget about the meat tenderizer, steak knives, BBQ mitt, etc. - as well...
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    Recruiting One liner

    So Cute That is so cute. I think I'll have to try it. Tara
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    Candy Bar Poem

    Great That is such a great poem. Do you use it often? Maybe you should try giving something away for whoever picks out the most Candy items in the poem. If there is a tie perhaps they can be creative and come up with an idea on how to add a new one, most creative wins!!! Let me know your...
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    Bookings Recipe selection??

    Recipes I've have been with PC since November. I try to come up with theme shows and get the host involved. For example; I already have many hosts prepared for July shows by offering an Ice Cream Sundae party. I am going to ask the host to invite guests for the fun show and have a draw if...