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  1. Jenn'sKitchen

    Anybody have the spin on salads cookbook?? iso of recipe

    I am in search of the Roasted Sweet Potato Salad with Citrus-Curry Dressing recipe from the Spin on Salads cookbook. Can anyone help me out with this one and if anyone has tried it, what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  2. Jenn'sKitchen

    Does anybody have the recipe for this?

    Does anybody have the recipe for the attached pic.
  3. Jenn'sKitchen

    Mini-Margarita Pie Recipe....Anybody Have It??

    I am looking for the mini-margarita pie recipe that you use sugar cookie dough with. Does anybody have this????????:balloon:
  4. Jenn'sKitchen

    Buying Iso Desperately Asap!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you so much....i learn so much from this site....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
  5. Jenn'sKitchen

    Buying Iso Desperately Asap!!!!!!!!!!

    I received an email about and hour ago saying they had been shipped but it had no tracking number on it. the status online still says received. I did not know I could place a supply order while inactive. Thanks for that bit of advice, I wish I had known a couple of weeks ago.... :) my life...
  6. Jenn'sKitchen

    Buying Iso Desperately Asap!!!!!!!!!!

    Are there any Marylan(Eastern Shore Reps) preferably that have about 15 or 20 new F/W catalogs that I could have. I can meet up with you or paypal you money to overnight them to me. I have a show Saturday and since I just got reactivated I have not received my catalogs. I placed and order for...
  7. Jenn'sKitchen

    What lid if any fits the 10" Saute Pan?

    What lid if any fits the 10" Saute Pan?
  8. Jenn'sKitchen

    All-American Celebration Cake

    :confused: I was just wondering about this recipe and why it says the following: "Carefully turn dish upside down onto cooling rack; cool completely. (Do not remove cake from baker.)" I haven't tried it yet but was wondering what the purpose of turning it upside down was if we are to leave it...
  9. Jenn'sKitchen

    Favorite Salad recipes (CUTE invitation!)

    What cake is shown on the invite? It looks delicious.
  10. Jenn'sKitchen

    Bookings Basting Brushes

    I just held a fundraiser for the month of april, some people ordered the new mid-season products. My question is if I wait to submit the order until tommorrow would I be able to order them and still get April's guest specials when I submitted the show date as april:confused: ?
  11. Jenn'sKitchen

    Fiesta Sandwich ring

    I have a show tonight. The host does not like mayonaise but wants to do the fiesta sandwich ring. What should I substitute the mayo :confused: with if anything?
  12. Jenn'sKitchen

    Fundraiser What incentives can I offer the kids?

    What type of incentives can offer kids at an elementary school for selling the most or a certain amount of products? A Toy Store Gift certificate, Pre made basket of toys, a game boy, anyone have any thoughts and would be reasonable for me to offer? I have never done anything like this but I...
  13. Jenn'sKitchen

    Clock/Timer Battery Cover

    Thanks for the reply. That is so funny my name is also Jennifer Lyn :D
  14. Jenn'sKitchen

    Clock/Timer Battery Cover

    At my cooking show last night I had a customer ask if they could purchase just the battery cover part for their clock/timer. If I can do this, please let me know how. Thank you so much in advance.
  15. Jenn'sKitchen

    Super Starter Bonus

    Just wondering I had a party last thursday if I wait until Wed to close it would I get the amount put towards my March super starter bonus and would the customers still get the free cutting board? :confused:
  16. Jenn'sKitchen

    Booster Supplies??

    Where would I go to order the booster?
  17. Jenn'sKitchen

    Booster Supplies??

    I was wondering I received my kit and didn't order the supply booster. It hasn't been 60 days so would I get the new S/S one if I ordered now?????
  18. Jenn'sKitchen

    ? about ss bonuses

    I live in Maryland it took I would say maybe a week at the most. You can call the Home Office and get a status on it. I was always anxious too. Congrats on receiving it.
  19. Jenn'sKitchen

    Mix 'N Scraper

    I had a customer say that her Mix 'N Scraper stain. I don't have many more details but what could I tell her to do. She didn't purchase it from me but I would like to give her a suggestion. Any thoughts? :confused:
  20. Jenn'sKitchen

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue

    Can someone please post for me th Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue recipe. Preferably one that uses chocolate chips. Thank you so much. ;)
  21. Jenn'sKitchen

    Sales Monthly Sales?

    Hi baby bear, I just completed my first month with pc and I have to say I love it. I have done 3 shows and have sold over $4,000 this month. I too did not find 2 other home based businesses very successful. So I feel your agony with them. Pampered Chef is nothing like them. You don't need...
  22. Jenn'sKitchen

    End of January or Beginning of February?

    New Spring SS bonuses Does anyone know what new spring items are in the new Super Starter bonuses?
  23. Jenn'sKitchen

    Bookings URGENT!! Free stoneware piece

    you guys are so fast at responding. Thank you so much. I can't wait for the ups man to come.
  24. Jenn'sKitchen

    Bookings URGENT!! Free stoneware piece

    I am new to Pampered CHef and I was wondering do I just submit 2 shows by midnight tonight and the new stoneware piece gets automatically shipped or do I have to do something else to get it. :rolleyes:
  25. Jenn'sKitchen

    Bookings Website Order

    How do you get Pampered Partner to add an online order I received without it transmitting again? :confused:
  26. Jenn'sKitchen

    Host Coaching Great Beginning Sample Seasoning Offer

    I just had my first show and was wondering, Do we have to enter an item number for the host to receive her free samples of coffee and seasoning or does it automatically ship?