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    Credit card question

    thank you!!!!
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    Credit card question

    Can I apply more then 1 credit card payment to one order?
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    $3 Barbie 50th anniversary

    anyone that is still looking if you have a kroger around you I would check there
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    Warren's Loss for The Year!

    It's not surprising since Forest River(RV Company) is part of Berkshire Hathaway. I am sure that has hurt quit a bit.
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    United States of Tara

    They mentioned a Pampered Chef party on tonites episode of The United States of Tara... I was shocked to hear it:)
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    Favorite Wii games?

    Guitar hero and Mario cart are favorites at my house.
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    Just asking here, [U][B]not [/B][/U]trying to get anyone down, but are

    Re: Unemployment We live in Elkhart county "Rv central" and my husband has 5 weeks off for christmas this year!!!! I hate this.. you never know how things are gonna go anymore.
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    OT - Free PhotoBook!!!

    What coupon code are you supposed to use.. i couldn't find anything
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    Questions about recruiting(i'm new)

    thank you all... and I didn't even realize that I did that.... that is hilarious!!!!
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    Questions about recruiting(i'm new)

    Hi I am a new consultant and i have someone that is interested in the business but says that she doesn't think that she would have the time since she works second shit? Any ideas of what to say to that? I know that she would be great at it but I just don't know how to go about it....