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  1. turtle15

    Pampered Chef Address

    What is the address to send a return?
  2. turtle15

    Old HWC Product Prices

    How much were the Dots Martini Glasses and the Reusable HWC Shopping Bags?
  3. turtle15

    Booths Cash and Carry receipts?

    Am I remembering correctly that if a customer buys a cash and carry item, it is not covered under warranty? If that is the case, do you not give them a receipt?
  4. turtle15

    Active/Inactive - Samples

    I was inactive until I ordered last night. Will I now be able to order product samples, or did I lose my chance?
  5. turtle15

    Fundraiser $3 Booking Question

    As long as a show is coded as a fundraiser in P3, will the $3 booking bonus automatically go to the charity if I mark booking, or do I have to do something else to make sure that happens? Also, can someone book a show and not buy anything, and still have the $3 donated? Final question...
  6. turtle15

    Favorite Cookbook?

    What is your favorite cookbook, and why?
  7. turtle15

    Three Tiered Stand Question

    I have a question from a customer, and I don't have this item. Do all three tiers take the same size plate or bowl?
  8. turtle15

    Fundraiser Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser - online setup

    I am thinking about hosting my own fundraiser, but how do I set it up online? It is asking for an organization name/name to appear on check etc. I thought the proceeds were sent directly to the ACS. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. turtle15

    Question About Staying Active

    #1: What happens if I don't submit an $150 this month? Will I be able to submit an order next month? I have nothing on the calendar for April, but I have a Help Whip Cancer fundraiser scheduled for May. I know it is early, but I just wanted to double check ahead of time. #2: Does kit...
  10. turtle15

    Is there a place I can find my montly sales?

    I have searched consultants corner and I can't find a place where I can see my sales for this month. Does such a thing exist?
  11. turtle15

    White Chicken Chili - Is it supposed to be this spicy?

    I made this chili tonight for the first time and it is SUPER spicy. I bought the peppers the grocer told me were poblano. I did not expect for it to be this hot. I could never do this at a show. Is it supposed to be spicy? Any substitution ideas?
  12. turtle15

    Backordered Item

    Can I still put a show through on P3 if one of the items for a guest is on back order?
  13. turtle15

    How do you enter an APO?

    I am not sure how to enter the APO address I have. What do I put for the city? And how do I figure out sales tax?
  14. turtle15

    APO Shipping?

    Can outside orders for a cooking show be shipped to an APO overseas? Is it still $4.25?
  15. turtle15

    Sales Question

    If I hold a show at the end of February, but don't submit it until March, which month does it count toward my sales?
  16. turtle15

    Fundraiser Looking For Help Whip Cancer Flyer

    I am looking for a HWC flyer to give to a potential host. Any help is appreciated! I saw the order form in the files, but I really just want something that shows the products.
  17. turtle15

    Can you melt chocolate in the microcooker?

    I am making the ganache for a recipe. Can I use the microcooker?
  18. turtle15

    When Will Help Whip Cancer Products Ship?

    ..if you earn them in February?
  19. turtle15

    Charitable Donation Expense

    Does anyone know what category that would fall under? I am specifically using Turbo Tax. I am thinking Miscellaneous Expenses.
  20. turtle15

    Past Host Discount Not Showing up in P3

    I am trying to put a past host in as a new host, and it is not showing the past host discount #, and is not giving me the option type it in. I looked the number up online, and the show was Feb. 13 of last year, so it is still valid. Any suggestions? Can a past host use the host discount as...
  21. turtle15

    Bookings Overseas Military Base

    Can someone stationed at an overseas military base host a show for me?
  22. turtle15

    Old Easy Accent Decorator Replacement Parts

    Do you think if someone ordered the clear tube replacement part for the easy accent decorator, that it would fit on the old decorator trigger part?
  23. turtle15

    Scrapbooking Contest

    If you scrapbook, you may want to check this out. Here is my entry for a digital scrapbooking contest. Pink Princess (Amy Robinson) « Wacom Pen Scrappers You can check my layout out, and others, or you can even enter the contest yourself! (This is the first time I have posted in the...
  24. turtle15

    Green Knives

    Can they be honed or sharpened? I am talking about the coated ones, not the plastic ones.
  25. turtle15

    Customer without receipt

    Is there anything we can do for a customer that does not have a receipt and needs an exchange? Their item is still under warranty, but they were not my customer originally so I can't access the receipt.
  26. turtle15

    Unclaimed 50% off items

    Is it ok to order 50% items for yourself if the host does not want to use them?
  27. turtle15

    Best Way to Season DCB?

    I have used my DCB only in the microwave, and after many, many uses, it is still not seasoned at all. Any suggestions?
  28. turtle15

    Fruit Pizza In Bar Pan Question

    Do you still use one package of sugar cookie dough if you make the fruit pizza in the bar pan?
  29. turtle15

    Torte Pan Recipes

    Does anyone have a file of Torte Pan recipes they can share? I have searched and can't find very many. Thanks!
  30. turtle15

    Sales June Sell-A-Thon

    Please share tips on how you meet your goals for the Sell-A-Thon. I would love to get to the highest level since this will be my first!