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    Spring/Summer Receipts

    Thanks so much!!! I think they should send them with the change over. But I guess if someone goes inactive than it is a waste of material and cost. Besides we need to save on the waste. Go greener. ;)
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    Spring/Summer Receipts

    I went to order our free receipts and they are not on PP. I received my single one in my change over box, but since they eliminated the itemized are they not doing the 1st free set of 40? If anyone has the number or code I need to order them right away. Thanks girls!:grumpy:
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    Booths Starting your own Fair

    I live in WI and I just did a womens expo that was a first event in our county. It was a lot of work. However if you have the time it is well worth it. I had over 75 vendors, plus gave 10 free space for non-profit organizations that did some type of fundraiser to raise funds and awareness. I...
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    Theme Show Bridal Show/Fair

    I do 4 bridal fairs a year. I pay $375 and $400 and they are both bi annual. I have found the majority of my business from them. I do split the cost and space with another gal on my team. I know that follow up calls are vitally important. First question is "how familiar are you w/ PC"? I also do...
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    Thread Killers Unite!

    Fellow Cheffers This Cheffer needs some help from someone in the Milwaukee area. My host didn't get her catalogs and it has been almost 2 weeks and she is leaving to go out of town on Fri. My hubby is really sick (cancer) and I can't drop everthing to travel 1 1/2 to get her catalogs. I will...
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    Recipe needed

    HELP!!! I need the recipe for the family burrito, can anyone email it to me PLEASE!!!!! [email protected] Thanks so much!!!! Rita
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    Execuflash - Vent

    I am with all of you. I have a director that has her direct recruits and her favorites and hands off shows to them left and right when she is out of state. (She basically resides in 2 states and working the bus, in 2). I am currently doing a Women's Expo and one of the qualifications is that...
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    Money Saving Ideas

    I go to a "mom and pop" shop to get my ink cartiges refilled and they are much cheaaper than Office max and Staples (about 1/2) and he charges me .03 a copy and I usually run on color paper vs white to through some bang into things. I too use recycled paper for my own things. I also hunt for...
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    COOKWARE on HSN - Did you see it???

    OK, so I was one of those that fell for the cookware on HSN. Ultrex the greatest cookware ever. The showed a them using an electric sander on the skillet and no metal, they even provided "FREE" stainless steel utensils. Hmm, thats all my pans are now is metal. I tried to return them since they...
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    Looking for some guinea pigs again!

    I'm in! Thanks Rita
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    Fundraiser Volunteer Fire Fighter FR

    It will be a cooking show in the park. I love the salsa and chip idea w/ "Some like it Hot" theme. Ya'll are great. I Love this site!!!! Rita
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    Fundraiser Volunteer Fire Fighter FR

    Okay cheffers I need some help on this one. Any ideas of something I can prepare for a cooking show held in a park for a small town to raise $ for the Fire Dept? It is going to have to be attention getting and inexpensive. The gal organizing it wants to do hot dogs and hamburgers on a grill...
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    BBQ Veggie grilling demo ideas?

    One of my family favorites is carrots cut with the crinkle cutter, along with zuccini and onion(I use the apple corer for these so you get large even slices). I use one of our infused canola oils and make sure that are covered with it well and then I use the Italian Seasoning all over. I either...
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    Bookings Door to Door

    One other thing I did when I first started was made 6 host packets and went out and did not come home until they were all gone. I hit alot of the grocery stores (wearing my apron), banks (apron off and carried my PC bag in, I spoke briefly w/ personal banker ea. visit to build a relationship...
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    Bookings Door to Door

    I had not met many of my neighbors when I 1st started, so I did a Ice Cream Social. We did a sundae bar. I involved the kids and parents kids got to use the PC equiptment and the adult, since experienced got to use anything but (IE knife veggie peeler etc) they had a race for who could chop...
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    Thanks Heather! (Heat123)

    I am buying an extra salad spinner for extracting the water out of my hand washables. I read on here the tip for using the fam.size QSP for dainties and I have sold alot of these for that purpose. I use them both for my bras all the time!
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    Use for stoneware muffin pan

    I use my mini loaf pan for hodge podge left overs or to reheat the chineese left overs. I also use mine for mashed potatoes (one wants cheese, 1 cheese and bacon, 1 sour cr. and bacon, etc) you get the hint.
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    New Shears Question

    I cut a penny with my new ones and the blades bent and I must of sprung the spring because they don't close now. I think they are far inferior to the old ones.
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    Bookings Challenge Anyone?? Booking Blitz

    I am in! I have a banquet room reserved for a mult-host show for June 9th and only 2 hosts. Makes for a very expensive party. My goal is to have 8 hosts there! However I am running out of leads! My business takes me to 3 metro areas that are in seperate directions. Everyone wants them, but in...
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    Let's play a game...

    I tried to cut a penny and it worked , however my shears got sprung and won't close now. I miss the old shears.
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    Let's play a game...

    Gal quick stir pitcher great to wash your expensive bra's in. Salad spinner great to extract the water out of the freshly washed bras. :)
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    Theme Show Calling all seasoned bridal fair vendors...

    I do one form and let them know that there is a sweepstake to enter. then do a follow up call to have them aswer the questions on the sweepstakes. Creates more contact to further serve them and what their needs are, ie kitchen show, opportunity, ect
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    Theme Show Suggestions, please!

    I also do a quick registry "as a service I am providing today". I get the name of bride and groom, address of the bride, wedding date, phone#, name and number of the matron of honor, if they are interested in a cooking show (I never put pampered bridal shower, because it automatically shuts the...
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    Fundraiser HWC Phrase worth using...

    LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing!
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    What would you do if someone hung up on you?

    I had a host that was all pumped, I dropped off her host packet, and called her the next day to make sure she got it. Her mom said yeah and I am taking a cat. to work and the host had a couple people wanting to order. I called 4 x's and left messages to return my call to confirm the date and...
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    Sales $1000 Holiday (November) Show!

    I am doing a Multi-Host show in Nov. I contacted everyone that has said I want to but no space, no time, etc. I found a bowling alley to let us use a lounge, they will do all the table set ups and families even get discounted bowling during the show!! I am having incentives for hosts for the...
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    Theme Show Panini party worth it?

    Love the idea! Thanks for sharing the idea for a backwards show. I have done a couple of express shows but the backward show is great! I have several people that are not from the US and want to see some of the items,( never heard of PC). I think I will take them one of our easy desserts and...
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    Fundraiser Fundraiser Catalog Show HELP

    Fundraisers I have done several succesful fundraisers. Here are some tips I suggest. 1) Write out a brief statement of who having it (amd what is thier mission) and what the funds will be used for,dates of the show. 2) I print off a copy of the guest Special for the month that it is...
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    Spanish Flyer

    Spanish translator This Rocks!!! What a great site! Thanks! :D Rita
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    How do we get our recruits motivated!

    Thanks gals! This week is better!!! :) The bride turned in a show. Bless her heart she stayed was at her mom's until after midnight trying to submitt to keep her from going inactive!!!! YEAH! She made it!!! (I will reward her efforts!) My guy is joining me for a 12 hour shift to help him get...