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    How do I start recruiting?

    Recruiting is a personal touch I think you'll find your most effective recruiting is through personal contact. Flyers, websites and ads are fine but the reality is that most people are recruited through personal contact with a consultant. Be careful not to sink to much time and/or money into...
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    Leadership Conference

    Angela -- Everyone else here has said such wonderful things about going to Leadership...and now you sound like you're committed to going...but I had to put in my .02 anyway! I've been in PC 10 years and have missed a total of 3 conferences (2 Nat'l and 1 Ldrship) -- all because of having...
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    Another Updated 'We All Need to Know This!"

    No guest specials On the topic of not having the guest specials for individual on-line orders...I see this as similar to the host-only items we had -- fortunately for only a brief time. I understand the concept of having certain things only available for certain people as an incentive...
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    Shop on line

    I don't think web orders will ever take over Kitchen Shows -- they really fill a different niche. It's up to us as consultants to make our Shows worth attending -- by our skills at communicating about our products, quick tips, recipes, host benefits, and mostly FUN! If someone doesn't want to...
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    Recruiting Incentive Idea

    Taxes for incentives Anything we earn is taxed as a form of compensation, as previously stated - however, most of it is tax deductible as a business expense so it balances out. For example, if you earn a piece of stoneware they'll report it as a $25 compensation. If you had purchased that...
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    Upright Tote - Rolling Case

    When they came out with the Showcase a few years ago it was offered as an incentive, and then a few months later (or the next season) it was available for purchase. I would thing they'd make it available since it's a business tool rather than more of a "fluff" item (like some of the other goodies).
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    Where are you all holding your cluster meetings if not in your house?

    meeting location With six kids, it's not practical to try to add a bunch of PC consultants and hold a productive meeting! We hold ours at a house the city owns -- used to be a fancy private residence and now is rented out for meetings, small fairs, weddings, etc. We found out about it because...
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    Bookings Opener to show

    Openers I do nametags and have for a long time -- it makes me crazy when I realize I've run out at a show and have sometimes used masking tape if the host has some! I'm really dependent on them and tell everyone at the beginning that I love that I get to meet all of them at my job, but I...
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    Bookings Might be a dumb question

    No dumb questions! Hi -- It's not a dumb question at all! I offer "Express Shows" which are shows with no recipe demo. I prepare a recipe before the show and have it ready or in the oven, then talk about products. I encourage this type of show the first month of each new season because it...