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    June order form

    here is the one that i create
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    How do you transport DCB?

    I do the same inverted lid into the pot BUT instead of a towel I use one of my Cookware Protectors between the lid and the base. When i bring it out to show it and at the end of my show when i am putting it away, i cross sell the Cookware Protectors as a way to help store the DCB! Its like...
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    Where is my Debit Acct info?

    You can actually call the HO and they will give you your debit card information on the phone and you can log it in then!! its very easy!
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    Switch your director?

    I actually live in your same area--i would love to talk to you because having been a director already and having issues in my upline, i can certainly understand. I love that a sister director and i do our training together. email me and we can talk! feel free to contact me here and i can give...
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    Rant Seriously? Someone complained on my Spring Launch Video?

    Sheila, i would LOVE to see your video to show it to my team. Where can i view it?
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    12 Minutes cake in fluted stone

    You need to have the cakes WITH the pudding in them--i think its Duncan Hines cake mixes with the pudding in them but they turn out the best!
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    There is an adjustment with a G in it!

    i see mine as well but i still can't track it in fedex; i also tried the '01' and the '02, etc on the end but it didn't work
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    Feb/Mar/April Flyer

    good thought! didn't think of that part of it..
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    Feb/Mar/April Flyer

    If its too long for the space you may want to think that some people might not want to type in all that informationto get to your website. have you thought about shortening up your website name to just 'crystal'?
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    March OOF?

    This is the one I make--a separate one for the Host Packets along with OOF
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    Another use for the Mix N Chop

    Do the cake balls need to be kept refrigerated since they are frozen at one point? I amean, so that the dunking part doesn't get 'melted'. do you make them the size of peanut butter balls or coconut balls--just enough for a bite-size ball?
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    New pc products for sale

    could you email me the list as well as [email protected]
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    Who is your NED!!! Wave 3

    in the 3rd Wave I am in Marie Freidag's group, 3rd line down i believe. I am under Linda McGuire, who is under Dennyse mcDonnell, who is under Marie Freidag!!! See you in July!!
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    Bookings Lead Box

    which survey slips? you had said the survey slips you got off of here...which ones are they?
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    Great Cross Sell Idea for 12 inch Skillet Excutive Cookware

    Defrosting items in your Prof cookware! I love to just defrost items out of my freeze with my cookware on top of cooking with it! I take items out of my freezer, lay them inside of it and viola! they defrost! Remember how they distribute the cold and the hot (the ice cube demo), well I use...
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    P3 and Vista

    THanks!!!! I will let you guys know what happens!!! I hope its good news!
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    P3 and Vista

    Thanks!!! I am going to do that after I get home from work today but definitely wanted to go thru this great channel. I figured if anybody had an answer, it would be thru here so I won't be on Hold for long!!! i love this site:)
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    P3 and Vista

    I have P3 on my desktop and we just got a new laptop. Unfortunately you cannot get the new computer without getting Windows Vista and now I am trying to load P3 on my new laptop and it will not load. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you get P3 to load on Vista? is there a patch?
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    Lapboard flyers?

    I have a flyer that i produce for my cluster and upline as well that is top and bottom not side by side. Help yourself if you like it!!
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    Sales Thanks for the ideas! (Prizes at shows)

    i don't see a picture of what it looks like Okay I am not seeing any picture of what you are talking about--could someone elaborate. aldea
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    Host Coaching Question on Host benefit from booking

    Yes!!! that's what I do! Even if the host was not invited to the cooking show, I ask her if she wants to participate in the Host special because that person did book off her. She can place and order with you and then you put it on the show. They don't have to attend a show to place an order...
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    Hi guys!

    i'm in wave 1 i will try to real hard to keep the secrets that we learn in Conf 1!!!! and yes, going as a Director for the 1st time will be great!!!
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    May OOF yet ???

    here are my OSO Forms here are what I have for March, April with the Mother's Day special, May & June
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    May OOF yet ???

    here is the forms that I make, use and pass out! Have at it!! Just remember to change my name to yours
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    Which receipt do you use and WHY???

    here are the outside orders that I create for my cluster and a sister director and our Advance Director's team too! Hope this helps you! Remember to change my name to yours!!
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    Theme Show Pepperoni twist

    You are probably not leaving enough room inbetween the cross-overs for them to cook. What I mean is this: you have "x" in teh center of your rectangle stone, you then pick up the ends on one side and 'cross' them. You will need to leave a space or a 'hole' as it were between your 'x' in...
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    Odd request

    I would say contact HO, then.
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    Small striped bowls

    if the order is within the first 30 of the SHIP date of the order, just do it on the website site under PRODUCT ADJUSTMENT. They will send a UPS tag to either the customer or you to have it shipped back. If it is after the first 30 days then you can do a Product Ajustment thru the website, and...
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    Help! I dont know what I am doing!

    yes, she can use her FREE PRODUCT VALUE $$$ towards her Kit credit. It is actually an item listed when you put in her order. Just like you can't find an item, you click on the magnifying glass, well go to a blank line on her Host order, click on the magnifying glass and look up $20 kit credit...
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    Sales Increasing Catalog Show Sales

    Good point!!! didn't catch the small print I was going off the large one at the top!!!