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    Have SS3 Bonus for sale

    I want it! I want it! Esp. the stainless steel bowls. How much do you want for it? You can email me at [email protected] thanks!
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    I know these seems like a questionI should know but as far as receipts

    I know these seems like a questionI should know but as far as receipts do you give the guests the one at the party, then give the hosts the 2nd copy when you leave and then also gives them the printed out one from the computer on the sales receipt paper? that seems like a lot! Thanks for your...
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    Need help for my Mexican themed show!

    My guests actually did like the Mole pizza. I thought it was pretty good myself also. I think it is just a little different, but it did taste like a BBQ chicken pizza to me. I have made the mexican chocolate cream pie at my last 2 mexican shows and it has turned out well, people really like it...
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    Bookings Whoo-hooo Grand Opening!!!!

    Chicken Holiday wreath Does anyone have or know where I can find the recipe for the Chicken Holiday wreath. It sounds really good and I looked it up on consultant's corner and I don't have the cookbook it is found in. Thanks for your help! :D Great job on your grand opening by the way!!!
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    Theme Show Suggestions please....

    I had a mexican themed show Tuesday night and I have one this coming Wednesday. I made fresh salsa and guacamole before the party and made the Mexican Chocolate Cream Pie and the Mole Chicken Pizza at the party. Next week I am making the Mexicali Cornbread squares. Yum! I hope that helps! :D
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    Theme Show Chocolate Invite anyone?

    I have been seeing all of these cute invitations and wanted to see if anyone has one for a chocolate show. :D Thanks!
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    Need help for my Mexican themed show!

    I am doing homemade chips and salsa. I haven't tired the mole pizza yet. Is it like a BBQ pizza?
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    Need help for my Mexican themed show!

    I was wondering if anyone could help me think of an easy dessert to do with the Mole chicken pizza. We are going to have homemade salsa and guacamole also, but I just wanted to have something else that uses more prodcuts and so there could be something on the sweeter side. This is my 3rd show...
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    Theme Show Mexican Fiesta invite?

    recipe where can I find the recipe for the mexicali cornbread squares? Sounds yummy for my upcoming mexican themed show!