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    Hot & Cheesy Bruschetta Dip substitutions?

    I've used the Italian & Garlic & Pepper Rub & people <3 it!
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    2 sets of dessert plates from December needed

    I have 2 sets email me @ [email protected] since I'm not always on here :)
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    Buying ISO: 2013 Recipe Calendar

    how much???
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    FS: Silver & Gold Apron

    $10 includes shipping if anyone's interested :)
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    FS: Silver & Gold Apron

    I have 2 NIP: Silver & Gold aprons w/the ruffle @ the bottom $10 each + s/h
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    Buying Looking to buy clear Pampered Chef labels

    I think I have some I'll check tonight!
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    Postage going up again!

    just like any business....keep your prices reasonable & you'll have plenty of business!
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    Tragedy hits a close friend

    sending prayers their way!!
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    Director I speak English

    all of my customers got it too & I just got another one this morning....something about testing the emails....
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    Audio's for sale!

    sale pending :)
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    Sales BBQ Pizza Pan on Party this Saturday

    Chicken, Bacon & Ranch pizza is AMAZING!!
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    Cleaned the office!

    Glass tote sold Thanks Jenny!!!
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    Audio's for sale!

    all prices have been lowered :)
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    Need dessert idea for my Book Club tonight

    banana supreme- make them in the bp
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    Appetizer Recipes for Happy Hour Show

    I just made the 7 layer dip & it was a hit last night. I subsituted the garlic & peppercorn rub for the garlic. lots of possibilities of changing up ingredients & was super simple!
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    Cleaned the office!

    Jenny, I'm hoping to go to the PO on my lunch & I'll PM you the info. Thanks!
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    Audio's for sale!

    2 CD set- Make up Optional- Lyn Conway $10 Love 'em & Lead 'em 5 CD set from Lyn Conway- $15 you can visit her site to download the workbook- afreshperspective.com 4 CD's from Ilene Meckley & here Yes you can have it all book- $10 Steve Wiltshires-...
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    Cleaned the office!

    For Sale: Set of 5 packets of Congratulations cards- $10 Red PC Cell Phone carrier- $5 Set of 10 post cards- see picture $12 Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur's Soul $8 New in Package- glass storage tote $15-----SOLD! Prices DO NOT include shipping
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    Director Ticket activity

    Thanks Beth!
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    Director Ticket activity

    does anyone have the Ticket Activity Q&A sheet that used to be on the web? I have a recruit I'd like to give it to but I can't find it in my files.... TIA! :D
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    Market tote/lunch tote

    If you don't have any luck I ordered a few extra
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    ISO Dots Pasta Bowls & Dots Salad Plates

    I have 2 sets of the salad plates I'll have to give you a shipping price tomorrow since I'm already @ work :)
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    Director I can't log on to PC Website. Anyone else having the same issue?

    I was on around 8am (ET) & it was fine but w/in the last hour no luck
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    Buying Looking for small and large dots colored glasses.

    I also have a small set but I need to find a box
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    Buying Looking for small and large dots colored glasses.

    I have a set of large glasses I'll sell for $20 plus shipping PM me if you're interested.
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    Buying Looking for colored dots glassware

    I sent you a PM Brenda