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    Sales What do you wear to shows?

    I live in Utah, and most PC Consultants here are VERY casual. I wanted to stand out, so I always wear dress slacks, a buttoned downed shirt, and HEELS! :eek: Not that I'm a Diva or anything :rolleyes: , but I am just under five feet tall, so the heels are a necessity so everyone can SEE me...
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    Prize drawings

    I've usually just posted a cute sign in a clear acrylic frame (one of those "L" shaped ones) that says "Enter to win $15 in FREE products!" or "Enter to win a $20 Shopping Spree!". I've never had anyone just spend the $15 or $20. I also offer Free Shipping to anyone who orders at the fair...
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    Bookings Mailings??? Are they worth it or not??

    I am fairly new to PC...just signed up in July and qualified last month. :D But I'm wanting to make sure I have atleast 6 shows a month and have been wondering if mailings are worth it or not. I do send out a monthly e-Newsletter and mail out a newsletter to those who do not have email...
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    Bookings PP-Host Special Problem

    Just a little FYI: My Director told me that it is a good idea to do an update in Pampered Partner on the first of every month, unless the first falls on a weekend, then do it the first Monday of the month. Update the Product List as well as the Program. This will not only insure that Guest...
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    Host Coaching Septembers specials

    Speaking of the Roasting Pan....LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!...Anyway...Don't forget that it is the July-August Recruiting Promo. I just received my Starter Kit on Monday...went to my first Cluster Meeting (with a Hospitality Director) on Tuesday and found out that because I started my business during...
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    Theme Show Bridal Invitations

    I was a Wedding Planner/Caterer for 7 years and did most of the invites myself on my home computer. Most of the time they look BETTER than what you get from a printer because they are more personal. On Consultants Corner today, infact, in the Downloads section I found inserts for wedding...