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  1. DebPC

    Support Cs and Buy Items Online Here!

    Bumping.... A great way to support CS! I'm ordering from Amazon thru the link above now.
  2. DebPC

    Newly Designed Salt and Pepper Grinders

    Comparing old and new grinders. I love the new design. I have the Bamboo ones. Is the quality of the grinder the same? I'd love to get the new ones but don't want to sacrifice how great they work.
  3. DebPC

    New Microwave Popcorn Popper

    I have quite a few customers interested in this even though I don't have it. What makes it so great??? Thanks!
  4. DebPC

    Bridal Shower Gift Registry

    Robyn- could you post it in our files section? I'm sure many would find it valuable. After all these years I can't believe PC has never brought it back for us.
  5. DebPC

    What Happened to Chef Success?

    Hi Sheila- hope everything is going great for you:)
  6. DebPC

    Recently Retired Director - Lots for Sale

    Best wishes on your retirement Beth! Thanks for all of your contributions to Chef Success over the years!
  7. DebPC

    Sell Me on the New Rockcrok Grill Stone

    I have the large white round stoneware one. Is the only difference use wise that it can go under the broiler, on the stove top and on the grill? Easy to clean??? Have you been selling them? Thanks!
  8. DebPC

    Smartpost Not so Smart!

    I understand HO wanting to save $$ by using Smartpost so they don't have to hike the S/H. But at least in my area Smartpost is slower. It is hard to figure out sometimes which way items will ship. So sorry for your frustration!
  9. DebPC

    New Member to the Group

    Hi Jan! Welcome to Chef Success! We're glad you joined! Take some time to browse our threads and files. There is so much great info on this site posted by our members. Then please return the favor by posting what you do and any questions you have. We would love to hear from you!
  10. DebPC


    Welcome to Chef Success! Our members have been posting tons of tips, recipes, demo ideas etc for more than 10 years. Search our files and threads to find them. They will put your business into warp speed! We would also love for you to post your experiences and tips for other consultants.
  11. DebPC

    New to the Group

    Hi Nicole! Welcome to Chef Success! You'll find so many great ideas, recipes, and tips here! Don't hesitate to post your questions and reply to others. We'd also love you to post any tips and ideas you have to help others. Thanks for joining!
  12. DebPC


    Welcome to Chef Success! I love your avatar! You'll find so much great info in our files and threads shared by our members. We'd love for you to post your questions and tips and ideas. By sharing everyone learns! Thanks for joining!
  13. DebPC

    New Member

    Hi Dawn- welcome to Chef Success! Take some time to explore our threads and files for tons of great information shared by our members. this will put your business into warp speed. Also please share your questions and any tips, recipes, etc. that might help others. Thanks for joining- we're glad...
  14. DebPC

    New Chef on the Block

    Welcome to Chef Success Erin! And congratulations on your new business! Take some time and look thru our files and threads- there is a lot of amazing info there shared by our members! Please pay it forward by posting your questions, tips and ideas. Our members would love it!
  15. DebPC


    Welcome to our site! Glad your business has taken off. Look thru our threads and files for lots of great info. And please post your questions and what is working with you. by sharing- we all learn. Thanks!
  16. DebPC

    Flexible and Faithful

    Hi Faith! We are free now! There are lots of threads and files you'll want to look at. And please share by posting your questions and experiences to help others. Welcome back!
  17. DebPC

    What Happened to Chef Success?

    Everyone can help by posting. Sometimes we think everyone knows everything we know. But mostly they don't. Ideas, recipes, word phrases, quick tips and demo ideas. We have a lot of new and experienced consultants here that would love that.
  18. DebPC


    Search thru our threads- should be some great tips there. Or post your question there.
  19. DebPC

    Need Fresh New Ideas!

    Have you done a Mystery Host where someone attending gets the host benefits?
  20. DebPC

    Laughs of the Day

  21. DebPC

    What Tv Shows Are You Watching?

    Yes- I've also heard good things about Better Call Saul. We're going to start watching it on Netflix. If anyone has Amazon Prime- The Man in the High Castle is good but there's only 1 season. House of Cards on Netflix new season premieres in March. Otherwise I'm all about HGTV.
  22. DebPC

    Newbie Here!

    Lorie- Welcome to Chef Success! Wishing you the best with your new business! Please share and help others by posting.
  23. DebPC

    theLife Saving Chef

    Welcome Alexis! That's so great you've already set your goal! Good luck! Please share with us along the way- so we can cheer you on! Be sure and check out our threads and files. There's so much great information on this site!
  24. DebPC


    Welcome to Chef Success Summer! Wishing you success with your new business! Please explore this site for tons of great information to help you.Also we'd love to have you share your experiences. Thru sharing- we all learn.
  25. DebPC


    Hi Jennifer! So happy you found our site. As a newbie you must have lots of questions.Feel free to ask some here. We'd also love to have you share your experiences as a new consultant.
  26. DebPC

    New Here

    Hi Sam! Welcome to Chef Success! For lots of great ideas for getting shows- visit Bookings and to add to your team go to Recruiting. Also ask questions on the threads. Congrats on your new recruit!!! That's awesome!
  27. DebPC


    Welcome to Chef Success Jessica! We are happy you found our site. There is so much great info here. Take some time and browse our threads and files for lots of great info!
  28. DebPC

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome Vincent! Many here have had a slow start. Just keep going and look thru our files and threads for great ideas for your business. Also feel free to post.
  29. DebPC


    Hi Joanne! Welcome to Chef Success! We're glad you found us. Look thru our files and threads to find lots of great information to put your business into warp speed!
  30. DebPC

    Introduction - Caprice

    Hi Caprice! Welcome to our site! Don't hesitate to ask questions and share with our members. By sharing we all learn.