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  1. smarteez2

    I am back after a 3 year break and I have questions

    Ola everyone!!! I sold PC from 2005-2010. I just resigned to begin again and I see a ton of stuff has changed. Just wondering if anyone can give me a quick rundown on the rules of facebook and PC? I know when I left we could not mention it in any way shape or form in basically any blog or...
  2. smarteez2

    Wow who knew?

    Ok apparently I fell way behind and did not even realize it. So far behind that I can't even log into consultants corner anymore.....what do i have to do to become a consultant again?
  3. smarteez2

    Dumb Question

    But now that the conferences have started, when can everyone else find out about the newest item? I have been away for awhile so I am not sure anymore. If someone knows already can you send me a PM? Thank you.
  4. smarteez2

    Tax question

    Never mind found what I was looking for.
  5. smarteez2

    Host specials?

    Is it just me or in anybody else getting tired of these lame host requirements? Why make it harder than it has to be. I understand that it is supposed to be an insentive but how bout we do say every other month instead of every single month? In my opinion it's getting old anyone else? Oh I...
  6. smarteez2

    Supply order input...

    Okay all I need some info. I am getting my supply order ready and do not know exactly what some of these items are. Could you please let me know and if possible do you have pictures? Thank you in advance!! Knife case Carryall tote Simple Additions tote....is this just like the old one?
  7. smarteez2

    Checking for progress of change over kit

    hey all does anyone know how to track the progress of my change over kit, homeoffice had to resend me on cause I never got the first one...TYIA.
  8. smarteez2

    Hey Ya'll!! I am Back!!

    Hey there ya'll!! I am back!! I just returned from Korea back to the America on the 20th of August!! So happy I love the America!! I have been selling while over there but did not have the time to get on Chef Success. Just wanted to say hi to the old and hey to the the new!! So glad to be...
  9. smarteez2

    Woot Woot!!

    Well ladies I am now a Future Director!! Just had to throw that out there!! :D
  10. smarteez2

    Moving to Korea for a year....

    I already have my new address which of course is an APO address, is there anything else besides updating my address in PP3 that I need to do with C reference moving my business? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. smarteez2

    Does anyone own the yoga set from Merrill

    If so what do you think of it? I am thinking of getting one to wear on my flight to Korea, for comfort, and am wondering if the sizing is accurate etc. etal does the XL fit like and XL or a L/M. Any inputs would be appreciated. TYIA!!
  12. smarteez2

    WTF!!! Anyone else get spammed through CS?

    I know it's NOT Chef Success's fault but here is what I got and who it is from: This is a message from gwdcota at Chefsuccess.com a Community for Pampered Chef Consultants ( http://www.chefsuccess.com/ ). The Chefsuccess.com a Community for Pampered Chef Consultants owners cannot accept any...
  13. smarteez2

    Hey Quick Question

    Hey all, Quick question for ya'll. I am inputting a supply order and I notice that I can enter a credit card, Debit card or PC dollars as payment. Does the credit card have to be the PC credit card or can I use ANY credit card. I usually use my PC Debit card but am wanting to get door prizes...
  14. smarteez2

    PWS on CC

    Is anyone else having problems accessing there PWS through CC to update their website?
  15. smarteez2

    Oh ma gosh!!

    I just got my s/s samples and the Grill it Quick recipe book has some WONDERFUL looking recipes in it!! I CANNOT wait to try them!! Now I have to buy the grill basket!! Argggg.....but I can't wait!! Anyone else think this cookbook will be a hit as well? I havent been to impressed with the...
  16. smarteez2

    Old Catalogs

    I have: 1 unopened pack from f/w 2005 and 37 Loose ones w/my sticker/stamp on them (yours could go over it) 1 unopened pack from s/s 2006 1 unopened pack from s/s 2007 Paypal please make me an offer to include shipping and they are yours, I would hate to have to toss them but I need...
  17. smarteez2

    Folding Cutting Board?

    Has Pampered Chef EVER sold a flat white cutting board that you can roll up and put in the draw? Someone I work with says he hates PC cause they bought one and after they used it the rolled it up and put in the draw and they could never get it to lie flat again after that. They are not...
  18. smarteez2

    Prices for Sample Packs!!

    I you open pampered partner and act like you are going to place a sample pack order with the date of 1 August prices are there!! Just a heads up!!
  19. smarteez2

    I think that those who bought surprise boxes....

    Should post in this thread whatever they got that they want to sale in this thread. What do you all think? Just post the items with you e-mail address so we can respond to you if we want to purchase and whether or not you take pay pal. :)
  20. smarteez2

    New Product Samples?

    Hey I cannot for the life of me remember from last year when the new products for Fall/Winter will be available to purchase in sample groups anyone know for sure when we will be able to buy them? TYIA
  21. smarteez2

    Conference Secrets if you please

    If you are back and willing to share please email them to me at [email protected] I would surely appreciate it. TYIA :o)
  22. smarteez2

    Bad news and good news

    Well since I made MSGT my second set of orders to Thule Greenland have been canceled!! So now I just got notification of orders going to Osan AB Korea!! This is my worse nightmare coming true, but as an optomist, on the good side I know I can and will making a killing selling PC over there...
  23. smarteez2

    Brainfart question here....

    but for the life of me I can't remember when the new season, with all the new stuff starts. LOL Duh I know, I think it is August 1? Thanks in advance, and yes you can laugh at me :)
  24. smarteez2

    Yay for me!! Toot Toot!!

    Just thought I would share some great news!! I just found out today that I earned a promotion to MSgt!! I am so excited!! I should actually sew it on by Dec of this year!! Can't wait!!
  25. smarteez2

    May KCN?

    I started another thread about this and someone attached it for me but my question is, is anyone else having problems downloading the May KCN? I keep trying with no luck. I am looking so see my name in there for $15,000 in career sales. :o) and the one that was attached does not have the...
  26. smarteez2

    Kit credit Questions

    Okay I have a lady who would like to sign up to sell. I have never done the kit credit stuff before, but I did reccomend it to offset the cost of the new kit. How much exactly is kit credit worth and what is the whole process of it. TYIA. Cynthia
  27. smarteez2

    Could someone...

    Post the MAY CN if they have it? TYIA!!
  28. smarteez2

    Tried 2 new recipes....yucko!!

    Ok so I bought some really old consultant news off of ebay and they came with little rip out recipe cards. There was one for a "Chicken Biscuit Bake" BLAHHHHHHH!! The biscuits were doughy still, even after 10 extra minutes of baking time!! My son said it was disgusting.... could not be mad...
  29. smarteez2

    Printing Customer Reciepts?

    I cannot for the life of me find where to print out guest reciepts on PP3. Can someone help please? TYIA
  30. smarteez2

    Ok just a funny thing...

    I have a friend of a friend who sells Party lite candles. Well I was a PURCHASING guest the party my friend had for her, spent over $100. The PL consultant is nice enough everytime I see her. I saw her this evening at the bowling alley and she hands me an invitation to her open house where...