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  1. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Canadian June Consultant News

    Yup got mine some time ago, I am also in Ontario, don't think it's relivant though. You can always down load the pdf version from the website.
  2. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Marvelous Martini show

    I usually throw the Martini party at my place, makes it a very controlled enviroment, but with that said, I have rolled each one in a cloth and stack them end to end in a tupperware container...I am sure there are other ways to.
  3. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Marvelous Martini show

    Has anyone put a flier together for a martini show, I could not seem to find one, I have no problem making my own, just needed a few ideas, the choclate martini recipe and the pink one look good, also helps I used to have my bartender papers, can make lots of great drinks...hhmmmmmmmm martinis'
  4. Mr. Pampered Chef

    The "Man" Show

    When I do a show first thing (well not first thing) I ask how many men have cooking shows compared to women....makes them think, Scottcooks thank you for the files.
  5. Mr. Pampered Chef

    The "Man" Show

    I have done an all male show, it was geared toward BBQ'ing as well, went ok, sold alot of flippers and bbq baskets that show...
  6. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Canadian Mar/Apr/May

    Great Job Thank you. I am going to use this, hopfully get some hits...Cheers
  7. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Cookbook only fundraiser

    I was thinking of redo'ing one as well, also a pantry only flyer for kicks...good luck, hope to see it soon.
  8. Mr. Pampered Chef

    What do you give each fundraiser participant?

    Taterbug I like your approach, the more info the better off in the long run, how did the fundraiser show turn out? I am getting ready to set one up for my little girl's elementry school for mother's day, trying to get a grasp of what I should have prepared that sort of thing....
  9. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Income Tax question (CDN)

    I cam out with an $800.00 dollar loss, this is with writing off stuff. I wish things would pick up...
  10. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Anyone receive their SAT or Change-over Kit? (CDN)

    So I have been inactive for almost two months, just found out I won't be getting any kits until I submit a 300.00 in sales show...I am able to purchase supplies instead with what little money I have...doh
  11. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Anyone receive their SAT or Change-over Kit? (CDN)

    still waiting for something to show up at my door....anything....
  12. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Dots Binder Canada--

    :rolleyes::blushing:oh...doh...nope didn't get that one..my bad..
  13. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Computer savy people PLEASE help!!

    if you are using microsoft outlook you can set up for a read mail reciept, which sends to you once they open it.
  14. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Dots Binder Canada--

    I got mine last year, in december
  15. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Fundraiser for habitat for humanity

    Well I think I am going to go through with what I had planned then if someone else has done it then. HFH is something I truly believe in. I have worked on site on one of thier builds, but now I want to do a bit more.
  16. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Fundraiser for habitat for humanity

    I have been thinking of ways to help raise funds for HFH for awhile, does anyone in if we can do a PC fundraiser for them? :)
  17. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Anyone else stuck in a rut?

    Yup you got that right, with Ont. having huge cuts in the auto sector, tons, of people buying only basics.
  18. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Disney Incentive

    I too am not aiming for the trip, I would love to, but I also do not recruit, hard to do with a full time job and a busy house hold as it is. I am also in and out of being active, so for me I'll never get there. Good Luck to those who are trying !!:thumbup::D
  19. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Canadian Customer Newsletter Subscriptions

    I like to make my own, different every time, gives me practice with Microsoft Suite...only really take a hour from scratch. cheaper as well.
  20. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Need Support (long)

    I have stopped doing shows, because I had almost the same situation on my true first show outside my ring of friends and family. Now I do just Catalog shows, open for a month. I feel the, bending over and working to get a job done, just to get dumped on. Good Luck
  21. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Canadian Product Pricing

    Hmm, figures...head in the sand sort of answer. I am not to surprised and I also get the "it's to expensive" answer, I do agree with them most of the time. Also there was no answer I put to HO about PPL selling PC on Ebay for like a fraction of the cost for new items as well...oh well another...
  22. Mr. Pampered Chef

    My First Booth...

    Wow, what a great experience with a booth project. I am planning one for the summer.
  23. Mr. Pampered Chef

    PIctures of Booths

    Photos look great on Flickr. I use it as well. Nice set up.
  24. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Rant OK, so this is a tough day and age

    Re: E-bay Pampered Chef Cookie Press #1525 Used in Box..8.00 US...right now on e-bay, #1525 Cookie Press — $41.50 on Canadian website. Fair?...you tell me.:grumpy:
  25. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Rant OK, so this is a tough day and age

    Re: E-bay :grumpy:Even if I wanted to sell this stuff on e-bay it would still have to be a higher price then what some of these people have listed. Burns my hide....:yuck:
  26. Mr. Pampered Chef

    I bit the bullet and got my own website :)

    hmmm, I qualified for a free couple of months, used them and had maybe one or two orders...I put it everywhere I could, even in the newsletter I put out monthly. I have sinced let it expire...I think I will wait for better times. good luck on your website...700.00 would rock...
  27. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Rant OK, so this is a tough day and age

    Re: E-bay Yeah I worry to much. Just don't like it when people do play by the rules.
  28. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Rant OK, so this is a tough day and age

    Re: E-bay I just find it upsetting that's all. A lot of items are coming out of the states. so the prices are even lower then the Canadian price...I do tell them that there is no warranty.
  29. Mr. Pampered Chef

    Rant OK, so this is a tough day and age

    OK, so this is a tough day and age, I get it. BUT when you are selling a 10" Exec. Saute Pan on e-bay, how do we compete. E-bay sellers are cutting the prices to next to nothing...:mad: