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    Can you identify this product?

    for dipping chocolate.
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    Garlic and Brie Baker

    It is a favorite with all my customers!
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    Theme Show Flyers

    Are these somewhere we can download? I know we do not reinvent the wheel!
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    Berry Braid

    Looks great. Need it in files so we can save it!!!
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    Mini Apple Pies in Brownie Pan

    Are these in the files to download?
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    Pesto Recipe

    How do we save this?
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    Brownie Pan Pancakes

    Deb you continue to impress me!!! Keep them coming!
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    When to boil???

    Great tips!
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    Brownie Pan S'mores

    And here we sat a couple weeks ago...struggling! The grandkids would have been quite impressed! Know what I will be doing next time!
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    Rock Crok S'mores Cake - In the Oven?

    Thanks, so many ideas
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    Thanks Deb!

    Deb, Thank you for keeping this going!!! I use to check this daily, some how got off my radar. It appeared out of no where today!!! Thank you to you and everyone else that posts!!!
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    Pampered Chef Sprinkles?

    I have what ever you would like. I will check my inventory. do you want what I have in my kitchen/ opened but almost full? 15009 would be shipping.
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    DCB Nutter Butter Ice Cream Cake

    Is there a way to save this recipe??
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    New Ice Cream Scoop

    operator error/not user! I was pleased to see how the company took care of the issue.
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    New Ice Cream Scoop

    Actually the problem was not operator user. I had a customer that had it explode in her kitchen sink. It was just lying there..no water or heat or ice...luckily she was not holding her new born. It put a hole in her ceiling. Sounded like a gun. Not a good thing.
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    The outlet newsletter and Christmas email

    I am trying to send them to my email so I can send them out. I have never had problems with this before
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    The outlet newsletter and Christmas email

    I keep sending these to my email and they do not appear. It says it has been sent successfully. I checked my profile and the email is right. Any suggestions?:(
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    Thanks for the TT forum!

    I have so many comments on the great newsletter and it keeps me in front of everyone!! Also, sent out the outlet specials and the next day had $220 in outside orders and a couple of people connecting to book a show!!! All I can say is thank you and it is certainly worth it!!! Keep up...