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    Cleaned out my closet-business supplied for sale

    1 packet Green Chili Frittata recipe cards - never opened - .50 2 packets Game Day Bread Bowl Artichoke Dip recipe cards - never opened - .50 each 1 packet Tapenade Turkey Meatball recipe cards - never opened - .50 1 packet - opened - misc. PC recipe cards - .50 1 packet - opened - 80 ct blue...
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    Wine tasting at a fitness studio

    My personal trainer asked me to do a booth at a wine tasting event at her personal training studio. I need suggestion on wich products to promote for healthy eating. The wines they are promoting are from the skinny girl line so it needs to stay diet friendly.
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    Hanging up my apron (at least for now) - Items for Sale!

    I am interested in the charm bracelet
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    ISO charm bracelet

    I would like to buy the charm bracelet if anyone wants to sell theirs. Thanks
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    Social Media Policy Reminder Email

    Can I post a recipe if I use my own picture of it?
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    Looking for a recipe

    I never found the exact recipe but one that was similar and worked..but I think I will try your out this week. Thanks for sharing.
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    Beta website flyer

    sorry this took so long. I could do it at my day job.
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    Beta website flyer

    I havent made a flyer but I have typed out instructions to email hosts..that they can forward to the guests..I could easily convert it to a flyer for you tho.
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    Retirement Sale! Lots of supplies +++

    I am interested in Booking slides (from the company) $ 8.00 each- just 1 Pink & Black paisley HWC apron $7.00 Chef Hat Earrings never worn $7.50 black w/white Table runner (recruiting & booking) $15.00 Cool-N-Serve Patriotic tote - New never used $10.00 3 – Cranberry shopping totes – New...
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    ISO round covered baker ideas

    I was looking for a RCB recipe pamphlet but couldn't find one so I think I will make my own. does anyone have any recipes that I can included..when I finish I will share it here.
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    Any one from the hartford launch get tote yet?

    Yea my delivery date was changed to next tues. But at least the tracking info is updated. I was so confused on how it was suppose to get here by yesterday if it was never picked up.
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    Any one from the hartford launch get tote yet?

    I received an email on 2/13 saying it was shipped and would arrive today but everytime I try to track it, it is listed only as shipment initiated and still says estimated to arrive today. Did anyone get theirs yet? I'm excited to see what I won.
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    Ugh snow

    I am soo annoyed with the snow right now! due to the 3 feet of snow that was dumped on us last fri-sat my huge show (30 confirmed guests) was rescheduled to this fri..but theres so much snow and roads are still not completely cleared so my host canceled on me. I told her I would change it to a...
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    Prayer request

    I had dental surgery yesterday and have been in a great deal of pain. I don't want to take more pain meds than what is recommended but they don't seem to help much. I would be very greatful for any prayers that this pain goes away soon. Thanks.
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    Cooking magazine subscriptions

    I love food and Family from Kraft and Taste of home
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    "Changeover box" explained

    I got my change over box today..when my hubby told me a box had come I was hoping with was what I won from the canceled Hartford spring launch...but I guess that would have shipped later and with all this darn snow it may take awhile.
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    "Changeover box" explained

    I love the egg cooker. When you have little ones, it is much easier to just throw it in the microwave rather than stand over a pan on the stove. it allows you to multi task and not worry about little fingers on the stove.
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    Garlic and Brie Baker

    I don't like the name change either but I also think I was pronouncing cocotte wrong. I do agree that mini round baker would have been better. I use mine for making hot dips and melting chocolate or caramel for dipping fruit.
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    Voting for favorite items?

    I voted for the boil over no more lid it only let me pick one so did the large. I was suppose to go to the hartford launch and since it snowed they sent us the videos..so my husband watched some of them with me....he was in the room while i was watching.but when they were showing the boil over...
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    Winner at Spring Launch - what did I get?

    I won on the 2nd giveaway for hartford..I can't wait for it to get here, but with all this snow,it may be awhile :( this is a picture of my car
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    Going out Of Business Sale! Lots of supplies!!

    Can you email me the list of what's left [email protected]
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    SL Hartford CT

    Yes, it is officially canceled now
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    Looking for a recipe

    I am looking for a recipe for a cheeseburger empanada...thought I saw one on someones fb page but now I cant find it.
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    SL Hartford CT

    I'm suppose to go to SL in Hartford on Sat but this storm is not looking good. its only 20min away so if its still on I will be there but HO sent an email saying to stay tuned for any changes..would they cancel it ? We are suppose to get about 2 feet of snow
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    Spring Launch Product Discussion

    Re: *SPOILER* Spring Launch Product Discussion *SPOILER* Is the garlic and brie baker the same as the cocotte or smaller?
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    Anybody on a Mac having problems with Consultant's Corner

    I have a pc and I can't open PDF file on cc lately. It didn't work on my phone either.
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    Spring Launch Product Discussion

    Re: *SPOILER* Spring Launch Product Discussion *SPOILER* Is it up in the beta site? I only see feb
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    Spring Launch Product Discussion

    Re: *SPOILER* Spring Launch Product Discussion *SPOILER* Wouldn't the pictures show up in the files section?
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    Do you think this email is a scam?

    I got this email last night and I think its a scam but wanted to get your opinion -I am Barbi,and i want to order from pamperedchef,and let me know if you are going to be available to be my Rep and assist me for the order on the site. My problem is that it says it came from Christy...
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    Newly found host/guest problems...

    really? what could she possibly complain about? that you didn't buy everything for her? HO will definitely have your back. That was obviously her attempt to get something from them since she could no longer get it out of you.