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    Wine tasting at a fitness studio

    My personal trainer asked me to do a booth at a wine tasting event at her personal training studio. I need suggestion on wich products to promote for healthy eating. The wines they are promoting are from the skinny girl line so it needs to stay diet friendly.
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    ISO charm bracelet

    I would like to buy the charm bracelet if anyone wants to sell theirs. Thanks
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    ISO round covered baker ideas

    I was looking for a RCB recipe pamphlet but couldn't find one so I think I will make my own. does anyone have any recipes that I can included..when I finish I will share it here.
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    Any one from the hartford launch get tote yet?

    I received an email on 2/13 saying it was shipped and would arrive today but everytime I try to track it, it is listed only as shipment initiated and still says estimated to arrive today. Did anyone get theirs yet? I'm excited to see what I won.
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    Ugh snow

    I am soo annoyed with the snow right now! due to the 3 feet of snow that was dumped on us last fri-sat my huge show (30 confirmed guests) was rescheduled to this fri..but theres so much snow and roads are still not completely cleared so my host canceled on me. I told her I would change it to a...
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    Prayer request

    I had dental surgery yesterday and have been in a great deal of pain. I don't want to take more pain meds than what is recommended but they don't seem to help much. I would be very greatful for any prayers that this pain goes away soon. Thanks.
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    Looking for a recipe

    I am looking for a recipe for a cheeseburger empanada...thought I saw one on someones fb page but now I cant find it.
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    SL Hartford CT

    I'm suppose to go to SL in Hartford on Sat but this storm is not looking good. its only 20min away so if its still on I will be there but HO sent an email saying to stay tuned for any changes..would they cancel it ? We are suppose to get about 2 feet of snow
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    Do you think this email is a scam?

    I got this email last night and I think its a scam but wanted to get your opinion -I am Barbi,and i want to order from pamperedchef,and let me know if you are going to be available to be my Rep and assist me for the order on the site. My problem is that it says it came from Christy...
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    Add gift from consultant on beta site

    My mother in law is hosting a show and my sister in law can't make it, so she placed her order online to be shipped to her house, instead of my mother in law's. Her Birthday is coming up so I told her I would give her a free gift for ordering. I know in p3 there was a box to check off. Does the...
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    Label for front of catalog

    My husband asked me for a catalog to leave in the cafe at his work, when I handed him one he asked me if I was gonna put a label on it. I pointed out my label with all my contact info on the back. He said that I should have something on the front that grabs attention because from his point of...
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    Can anyone do a fair?

    I am a new returning consultant. I went inactive for 6 months because I was not happy with my upline and I knew it was hurting my business since I was not enjoying it. Anyway, my old senior consultant told me that only directors could sign up for booths and fairs and then they would pass them...
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    What if guest doesn't have an email?

    I am a returning consultant so I am learning to use the new website for submitting shows. When you add a guest to the show page the email is marked as necessary, but what if a guest doesn't have an email?
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    Weight watchers party

    I need help. I am doing a show in a couple weeks in which all of the guests do weight watcher. I need recipe ideas and maybe some tips on which product to focus on.
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    Change upline?

    I have only been a consultant for a few months. My original recruiter quit before I was able to sign up so she gave my info to her recruiter. At first everything was great but now she is call me non-stop. I appreciate the support but its like borderline harassment. The last straw was when she...