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    Holiday Gift Sets & Guest Specials (2012) - Invite Your Guests!

    The roasting pan is no longer available.
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    Thanksgiving/Holiday Supplies Checklist for Customers

    We no longer have the roasting pan.
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    Cleaning Out My Stash

    Would you send me pics and prices please? [email protected]
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    **Update**Cleaning the Clutter Due to Moving.more Pictures Added

    okay thank you will have to pass for now.
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    **Update**Cleaning the Clutter Due to Moving.more Pictures Added

    How much for the Salt and Pepper Grinders/Mills?
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    Business Supplies, Logo Items, Retired Products for Sale

    Could you please send me the lists? I am interested in what you have. Thanks [email protected]
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    Personal New Consultant

    I am a new consultant, having my launch party as we speak. Any tips or ideas will be greatly appreciated.