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  1. J

    Chocolate, Chocolate Show

    chocolate martini recipe Does anyone know how to make the chocolate martini's. I hear about them all the time but have no idea how to make them. :confused: :confused: Thank you, JoAnne :o
  2. J

    Explore New Theme Shows with Pampered Chef

    theme binder Could you please send me a copy of this theme binder also; [email protected] Thanks, JoAnne
  3. J

    A PC Bridal Shower with a Heartbreaking Outcome

    some of the guests who didn't show up did RSVP that they thought they could make it. They also sent gifts; pillows, towels, things the bride didn't need. She want the PC because she had been married before and had most of it, when her marriage broke up she left and it didn't. She wants to...
  4. J

    A PC Bridal Shower with a Heartbreaking Outcome

    Saturday I had my first PC Bridal Shower. I spent a lot of time preparing for this and was so excited. The Bride to be is a good friend of my daughters so her and another attendent gave the shower. They sent out 38 invites, and invited everyone The Bride to be worked with, about 40 other...
  5. J

    Doing a Joint Show With Other Direct Sales Organizations

    2ndTimeChef I am just starting my Pampered Chef business again and have been reading all the marvelous ideas and suggestions and experiences everyone has put in. I just wanted to comment on having shows with consultants from other companies. A friend of mine just started selling Partylite...
  6. J

    Help! I Need the Index Card Pictures!

    2ndTimeChef I am so sorry I screwed up when I butted in on that woman who needs the files. I never went on anything like this before and was just trying things out so I am very sorry. :( :confused:
  7. J

    Help! I Need the Index Card Pictures!

    2ndTimeChef November is my 2nd Super Starter month. I was a consultant two years ago and gave it up. :( I need a second income and rather then bartend or whatever I decided to return to TPC. I really enjoyed :) my time as a consultant even though I made lots of mistakes, and really didn't...
  8. J

    Help! I Need the Index Card Pictures!

    November is my Super Starter month. I have been a consultant with P.C. before and have missed it, when I started running into financial difficulties again I decided instead of getting a job as a bartender I would return to the wonderful world of Pampered Chef. So, I am starting over. Which is...