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  1. sailorsarah

    Host and Guest Specials

    I love the idea of being able to get the host/guest specials flyers through the store. I like the ones that are occasionally mailed out to us so much more than the ones I print myself (not to mention it can be killer on ink!). Besides, I want more than the one copy they send me. I'd like one...
  2. sailorsarah

    *Spoiler* Spring 2014 Feast Product Discussion *Spoiler*

    I'm dying to know what the "huge announcement" my director mentioned is all about!
  3. sailorsarah

    Reunited After 852 Days: He's On His Way Home!

    If you guys move to Texas, have him look up the Texas Veterans Commission. They'll help him get his resume done up and get him in contact with employers, that way you guys can get to plan b a little quicker :-)
  4. sailorsarah

    Need a Consultant in San Antonio

    She hasn't messaged back saying she found someone, I can give her your email if you'd like.
  5. sailorsarah

    Need a Consultant in San Antonio

    I have a friend that booked a PC party for August 17th at 7pm, but the consultant she was going to book through backed out. I'd love to do it, but it's a two hour drive and I don't even get off work until 5pm anyways. Is there anyone in San Antonio who'd like to take the booking?
  6. sailorsarah

    Rockin the Chef Rally

    For Sizzle you have to be a team leader or higher, but for the rally (that is sort of taking the place of the conferences) is for everyone.
  7. sailorsarah

    Host Rewards/Booking Benefit

    If a guest books a party the same night as the show, then the host can get the host special at her friend's party. But the party has to have a date set and it has to be within six months of the original host's party. The host can book a party on herself, but the same rules apply (date set...
  8. sailorsarah

    Is Sellathon in June or July This Year?

    I thought they usually did it the same month as the extra credit promo (the one in July where hosts can get an extra $100). I'm hoping that's when it is, everyone has been booking parties for July...
  9. sailorsarah

    **Help Whip Cancer Order Form**

    Here's a link to one I updated: http://www.chefsuccess.com/f5/hwc-2013-order-form-75291/
  10. sailorsarah

    Analogy for Understanding Complex Concepts: A Helpful Guide

    This is a great recipe to make at parties because it's summery, relatively healthy, easy, and you can use a bunch of PC products making it. Use the boil over no more when you cook the pasta, the RCB or DCB to make the chicken. Use the avocado peeler to prep the avocado then throw it in the MFP...
  11. sailorsarah

    Who's Earned Free Hwc Products?

    I just got my second party submitted! I can't wait to get the stuff!
  12. sailorsarah

    Facebook Party Flyers

    Love it!!!
  13. sailorsarah

    Looking for a Recipe

    No problem, I like the challenge of coming up with something :-)
  14. sailorsarah

    Looking for a Recipe

    I don't know if you ever found the recipe, but I made one up and put it on my blog: Cheeseburger Empanadas « The Man Approved Diet
  15. sailorsarah

    Fundraiser Host Benefit

    I'm pretty sure it's a take or leave it sort of thing. But what they can do is order it then raffle it off to raise a little more money.
  16. sailorsarah

    How to Restart Your Business???

    Make sure you have mini catalogs with you and try to work it into the conversation anytime you head out. Don't be afraid to ask aquantances to host a party. Sometimes you just need that one party to get the ball really rolling, and for me it happened when I asked my yoga instructor to host a...
  17. sailorsarah

    Egg Cooker - Discuss Tips, Complaints, Reviews & Ideas

    I giggled when I read the dog bowl comment. At our launch we thought it looked like a stoneware bra. But I am really enjoying it.
  18. sailorsarah

    Cooking Magazine Subscriptions

    I'm all about Cooking Light! I like any of the Taste of Home magazines, but I'm normally trying to alter the recipes in them to make them healthier and Cooking Light recipes start that way.
  19. sailorsarah

    Hwc 2013 Order Form

    I stole this form from the files list (don't know who designed it, but big thank you!) and updated it for this year's items.
  20. sailorsarah

    Going Going Gone Flyer?

    I've got a really basic one I threw together, but it doesn't have pictures.
  21. sailorsarah

    Ideas for Saturday Brunch Party

    Does the vegetarian do eggs? I know some do and others don't. If she does, maybe do some "design your own eggs" in the brownie pan. Just mix up the eggs and pour a bit in each square, then let her (or anyone else) just add whatever veggies or cheese they like. Then they can chop some onions...
  22. sailorsarah

    San Antonio Launch

    Yeah, I found a few people to hang out with during the conference.
  23. sailorsarah

    Anything You'd Like to See Pampered Chef Discontinue?

    I wonder if they changed the name because no one could pronounce the old one. Plus wasn't it in one of the threads on here that the name was French for prostitute? That would be my reason for changing it!
  24. sailorsarah

    Adding Dry Jello to Your Frostings!

    I add pudding mix to coolwhip for fillings in cakes, I guess it coud work the same.
  25. sailorsarah

    What Are You Doing This Weekend?

    Weekend in San Antonio for spring launch and a whole lotta homework! This going back to school idea was great, until I hit the upper level classes :-P
  26. sailorsarah

    Looking for a Recipe

    I don't have the recipe but it shouldn't be too hard to wing it. Brown up some hamburger (probably a pound), add a tablespoon or two of a rub (smoky applewood would be my first choice), and a small can of tomato sauce. Let it cook down until most of the liquid from the tomato sauce it gone...
  27. sailorsarah

    San Antonio Launch

    Hey everyone, I'm going to head down to San Antonio for the launch. I'll be there tonight through Sunday and was wondering if anyone wanted to meet up for coffee or lunch sometime while I'm there.
  28. sailorsarah

    Ordering Spring Paperwork

    I tried to order them today too, but I didn't have any luck.
  29. sailorsarah

    Skinny Recipes!

    I have a whole blog of skinny recipes. There's a couple that use the deep covered baker and a couple that could use the PC cinnamon. I have them at The Man Approved Diet « Healthy recipes that don't taste healthy.
  30. sailorsarah

    Freeburg, Illinois

    Nevermind, figured out how to update it.