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    Director soWhat Does Everyone Think About the New Products?

    I LOVE the egg cooker! I have used it every morning since I got home from launch. I make egg white omelets everymorning and it is so much easier. They taste better too!
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    Spring Launch Product Discussion

    Re: *SPOILER* Spring Launch Product Discussion *SPOILER* I wonder what the pattern on the totes looks like?
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    Who's Going to a Spring Launch?

    Pittsburgh on the 9th.
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    Cyber Monday Sales

    I got one for $77 from lead system and one today for $115 also from lead system. I too sent out the email and nothing.
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    Director December Meeting: Before, During, or After Trip?

    I do mine with my upline director. We are doing ours as a brunch on Dec 8th. The 4th did not work for either of us. We usually do a little gift exchange ato ur Dec meeting and make it a little more fun for everyone. We still do training, but a little more relaxed.
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    Director How Was Your August?

    I only had 3 submit from my team this month. I submitted 2250 and my total team sales was $3300! I lost my directorship this month. I think my team took the whole summer off. I did sign a new recruit last month and another on fri so I am hoping things are a little better. I only have 3 shows...
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    Director Anyone on the Upper Level Call

    Will we still be able to access p3 for info or will it all convert over to the web? I may print a big list of all contacts right before then just incase something goes down on the web, I will have a hard copy of everything in hand. DOnt know if that sounds crazy or not?
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    New French Fry Slicer

    I called and am sending it back.
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    Director Was It Just Me...

    Leslie is also my ED. We shared a room with her at NC. She is great! I get Kelly Price's newsletters too. MY Director(AD) is Sarah Oakes. She recruited me. Crazy how everyone is connected.
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    Round Covered Baker!!!!

    Just made 3 chicken breast in 15 minutes! Totally done and YUMMY!! I think this is going to sell, sell sell!! Can't wait to show this! :sing:
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    New French Fry Slicer

    Mine just broke too! :( I got my directors package today and went straight for theFFC! I read the driections and follwed them. THe potatoes I was using were small and not hard. ONe of the metal pieces bent up in the air!! So very sad about this. Other than that, the fries are a great size...
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    Director My French Fry Cutter Broke Using First Time!

    was just over there looking to see if anyone said anything. I will have to look better. Yikes. Ihope this is not another veggie slicer. :(
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    Director My French Fry Cutter Broke Using First Time!

    UGh. I do not want to be negative but I was so excited to get this. It arrived today and I decided to try it for dinner. After the 4th potato one of the metal pieces bent up. :( I will be getting another one in my free for all package. Can I return this one? I just used regular potatoes...
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    Director Was It Just Me...

    I was in Toledo and I will honestly say that I enjoyed every bit of it! I got so much information out of the host coaching and recruiting trainers. I can't wait to use all the new information. The "more" stories were inspirational to me as well. I have been a consultant for almost 3 years and...
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    New Recipes: What Do You Think?

    Made the Hot dog bites last night and the kids liked them. I am going to try the Luau pizza with chicken instead of ham. I think it looks good. I also bought the stuff to make the ham and swiss wraps. They look really good.
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    Loaded Baked Potato Chowder--Can You Double It in the Dcb?

    I just use a few extra potatoes, the entire block of cream cheese and some extra milk. I guess I kind of eyeball it too. I also add a bag of frozen broccoli that I steam in the micro cooker, so it increases the volume quite a bit. I will usually do a lava cake in the fluted stone extra, so...
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    Director Crazy With Ho Leads

    Wow Becky! I have received 1 per day the last 3 days in a row and was happy about that! That is fabulous!! You need more consultants in your area! ;)
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    Director P3 Backup ~ Might Be Important Today!

    I have not been receiving emails for a good week or 2 about online activity either. I have had one of my new consultants complain that she can't enter the Dec specials for her hostess. I told her to update P3 and call me back if it did not work. Have not heard otherwise.
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    Director Crazy With Ho Leads

    I have been getting HO lead orders every other day since Thanksgiving. I got one yesterday for an exec 12inch skillet! Happy to see that!! Most have been smaller orders, but they sure add up fast and with the 5% inPC dollars that is a nice little bonus too! DIANE New DIRECTOR as of Dec...
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    Urgent Important Product Update - Veggie Slicer

    He said that several years ago, a consultant from Pamp chef ran off with everyone's money and they never got their product, so he is not surprised this is happening. I am not going to argue with him as these are 2 very different situations. I gave him the number to call. THe only answer I got...
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    Urgent Important Product Update - Veggie Slicer

    I have an IRRATE host because of this product. He is blasting me because he does not have them yet. His show was Oct 23. I sold 2 at his show. I told him that Pamp Chef is offereing a refund and he said that is unprofessional and uncalled for. I gave him the solution center number. UGH
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    Mary Kay Presentation at My Show Yesterday

    I just did a party where a Premier jewelery rep was present. I asked to do my demo first. I knew she would be there ahead of time. I am not sure how her sales were, but I closed that party arpund $750 so it went pretty well. THe hostess wanted pampered chef so she made sure she got outside...
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    Promoting to Director!!!

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    Black Friday Mailing

    I would go more with the lower show people as they probably did not get as much for free etc at their shows, they might be interested in earning some more. My lower show people tend to be more frequent repeat hosts. I was thinking of doing something similar. Good luck!
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    Promoting to Director!!!

    I am so excited!! I have 5 active recruits right now and one of my new recruits(one of my best friends) has her first party on Sunday and she will be submitting 2 parties before the end of the month. My cluster sales are almost $7000, so I am good to go!!! I can't hardly wait to see it all in...
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    Last Night I Held My 3Rd Show, It Was Technically My First Out and

    Re: UM...wow COngrats on getting there. We have all at one time had one of those shows I am sure. I know some of my worst shows seem like nothing compared to some others i have had. It is amazing what a little determination will get you too! I am so glad you were able to pull it off in the end...
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    Home Office Lead Question

    Oh and one of my inactives since July submitted and I can pretty much count on 3 to submit and then I have my 2 new ones which should be submitting because they want their money back, so I am getting antsy!!! Things are looking good!!