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  1. beckyjsmith

    Food Plans for Valentines Day?

    We always stay in and cook. It is too too hectic to try and go out. And with four kids... it's not worth the hassle. The good news is that we always grill steaks. Yumm! So fillet, baked potatoes and salad. mmm
  2. beckyjsmith

    Personal Ot: Teachers (A Lil Long)

    Dezi- Wow! I am a teacher and the mother of a 1st grader and 2 kindergartners as well as my high school sophomore. My heart absolutely broke reading your post. No 1st grader should be treated that way. They are clearly nitpicking. Oh my goodness. She is 6 years old. While some things seem to...
  3. beckyjsmith

    Monthly Liability Insurance

    Nah... she quit last year.
  4. beckyjsmith

    Monthly Liability Insurance

    Me neither. I am not a stiletto person period. But this lady was/ is a fashion bug. :D
  5. beckyjsmith

    Monthly Liability Insurance

    Oh gosh yeah! I have a friend who ruined her hosts' new hardwood floors with her stiletto boots she wore right after they had the floors sealed. Replacement cost ..$10,000 +. PC paid it. $36.00 a year is sooo worth it.
  6. beckyjsmith

    Belinda Ellsworth- Raleigh, Nc on March3Rd

    I will be there. Already booked my flight. She is coming to Chattanooga the end of March but that is my twins' 6th birthday so I am going with my NED team to Raleigh. WOOT!
  7. beckyjsmith

    Just Got Back From Spring Launch! (No Spoilers)

    Ooooh now I know EXACTLY who you're talking about. Got it! With that situation, though, I kind of get the concept. It is nice to feel like a team. The shirts were collared so they weren't ratty tee shirts. But definitely not as dressy as the majority.
  8. beckyjsmith

    Just Got Back From Spring Launch! (No Spoilers)

    No I know that no one was told for recognition. I was top ten in recruiting and had no clue that that would be announced either. Beth alluded to NED's being underdressed. I was on the host coaching panel and WAS told what to wear for that. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. beckyjsmith

    Just Got Back From Spring Launch! (No Spoilers)

    I am wracking my brain now lol. We were told what to wear. Solid color, pastel shirt or sweater for the panel. I would assume they would have been too.
  10. beckyjsmith

    Just Got Back From Spring Launch! (No Spoilers)

    Yeah I imagine that would be good information to have ahead of time. Same with top tens. That was a total surprise.
  11. beckyjsmith

    Just Got Back From Spring Launch! (No Spoilers)

    I didn't remember anyone being in sweats and teeshirts but maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention. I thought there was more energy with this SL than in the past two- not nearly what is at Conference but lots of nice little surprises. Marina brought me to tears again.. even though she...
  12. beckyjsmith

    Just Got Back From Spring Launch! (No Spoilers)

    Hooray! Our inspiring speaker brought me to tears. Of course it helps that she's my downline lol. Shameless plug!
  13. beckyjsmith

    Verizon Pampered Perks???

    My Verizon rep told me the discount was only 5%. She is obviously confused.
  14. beckyjsmith

    Teacher Gifts/Healthy?

    Mine are all getting RU trivets and the cookbook for the cause.
  15. beckyjsmith

    Humor theEconomy's Too Bad?

    Where's the durn like button?!?! That ROCKS!
  16. beckyjsmith

    Woohoo Carolyn! in the December Consultant News!

    She is SUCH a total rock star. Seriously... Carolyn ROCKS!!! AWESOME!!
  17. beckyjsmith

    Woo Hoo! Have You Earned the October Duffel Bag?

    Mine arrived smartpost. You won't see a tracking number. The good news is- that purse is HUGE! The duffel bag is a good size too. WAHOOOO!
  18. beckyjsmith

    Direct Deposit on Saturday or Monday?

    monday hiss boo
  19. beckyjsmith

    Really? I Must Have Been Mistaken?

    I think this is smart and seriously.. WAHOOO!!! That is FANTASTIC!!
  20. beckyjsmith

    Shipping Question- Recruiting Promo

    Whacky. I have my Keurig- got it Friday. I have not, however, received my toaster or deep fryer. I am also getting the waffle maker as my next selection. Wahoo! Consultant 1 qualified August 15, # 2 the 22nd, and the third will submit her qualifying show this week.
  21. beckyjsmith

    C-C-C-Cruising Not F-F-F-Fooling!!

    Oooh I don't do well with cruisin... I'm takin the giftcard. Oh - that and my principal said no more trips during the school year. But you will have a BLAST I know!
  22. beckyjsmith

    It's Been 150 Days ...

    Many hugs to you. I cannot imagine. And many hugs to them as well.
  23. beckyjsmith

    Cheating or Helping? Giving Recruit Leads to Downline Directors

    It's my understanding that you are allowed to pass the info down to someone in your downline and let them contact the lead.
  24. beckyjsmith

    Anything for Reaching 10K in Sales?

    WAHOO!! Congrats Bobbi!! I have a 2nd line consultant who reached 15k in June. I called HO because her necklace is STILL not here and we are meeting Saturday. I did have a cake made for her. I think it is a GINORMOUS deal for any of those major milestones. You just earned yourself a raise!!
  25. beckyjsmith

    Who Didn't You See?

    ummm.. Hey! Yo! Over here! Helloooooo???? And isn't my chum Ang part of your extended family? ahem.... so I'm invited too, k? :D
  26. beckyjsmith

    Who Didn't You See?

    Lol no I like your online personality so I would've loved to have met you at conference. :) It's all good...
  27. beckyjsmith

    Who Didn't You See?

    Well Melissa I didn't see you but hope to at the next one. :)
  28. beckyjsmith

    Who Didn't You See?

    I agree she totally rocks. She is actually my director. She is a very generous soul. I always thought that's who you were referring to when you talked about your hospitality director. So see? We're practically family! :D
  29. beckyjsmith

    Who Didn't You See?

    I walked as well. We were dead last ( Yellets team) aphabetically. The wait was crazy and I had no idea how entertaining Dan and Tony were because we couldn't hear anything where we were lined up. The seating was primo though... I would be perfectly happy with that and not the parade. My...
  30. beckyjsmith

    Who Didn't You See?

    I disagree with this statement. I don't do that and he certainly hasn't hurt my business. There are several other top sellers in his area. The bottom line is that if you are successful working your business then you're successful working your business, regardless of what other people do. Those...