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    Wave 3 2007 Check in Here!!!

    WoHoo! I'm Going and Will be Cheering You on! I have at least one new director ( 4 qualified & #5 needs to submit her 4th show!)and and hoping to have a 2nd director (2- qualified, 2 working on it, looking for #5)!That would let me walk as an Advance Director, which is my goal for 2007...
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    Venting My Frustration Over a Host Blowing off Her Show

    Hang In There! Amanda- Hang in there! I'm knocking on wood.. I've done this for a little over a year and have had only 1 bounced check.. which the person called and told me about before the bank! I don't have everyone write their check to me. I have all the guest write the check to the host...
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    Cooking Up Success: Pampered Chef's 2006 Cooking Classes

    Love It! I've thought about something similar, but never tried it! Do you have the recipes for the lotions, etc. How successful has this been? Thanks! Debbie ;)
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    I Need Help Finding Choclate Recipe

    chocolate turtle cake!! Try the Chocolate Turtle cake! It's great and it sells the cookware which is great for increasing your sales!! It's in All the best! Debbie Blanc Sales Director Rochester, NY
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    What Products Do You Always Bring W/You?

    demo biscuits ?? What are demo biscuits???
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    Payment From Fundrasier??

    Does anyone know how long it takes for the organization to receive the check after the show is submitted?? ;)
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    Chef Demo Success: Deep Dish Baker Lid Perfect for Transporting Cake!

    What is the 321 cake? Love the idea and transporting to show a premade cake... but I don't know what this is??? can you share and a the recipe?? Thanks Debbie Rochester, NY
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    Question About Fundraisers

    Does anyone know? Does anyone know how long it takes for the organization to receive the check after the show is submitted??
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    Is Pc Your Only Job?

    I just love it! I work a full time job, I'm an Engineering Project Manager. I started PC about a year ago, beacuse I wanted to try something different which I couldn't do at work. I wasn't sure I'd stick to it, but after my 1st month, I was loving the FREE produst, the extra $, and the...
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    Stone Promotion

    Sounds great! I would love a copy of the letter to the realitors! Go, Go , Go , Go!
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    Explore New Theme Shows with Pampered Chef

    I'd love it! I would love to see and use the ideas, please send them to me also! Debbie [email protected] :)
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    Looking for Consultant in El Paso, Tx

    Love To Help! I would love to help you have a catalog show! You simply gather orders from family and friends by passing catlaogs or send e-mails from my website and guests can sumbit electronically! If you are looking for a Kitchen show, I'm to far away, unfortuneatly! You can go to www...
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    Starting Fresh: My Journey to Success as a PC Consultant in West Columbia, TX

    Post Information Put up flyers of the upcoming host specials or make your own ( I like the ones with pull of tabs at the bottom!) Put them anywhere and everywhere.. bulletin boards at the community center, library, malls, tanning booth, our starbucks's has a board.. if you look they are all...
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    Some of My Pampered Chef Word Docs

    Great stuff! Love your stuff! How do you use the post cards.. do you print them somehow separately or dcut them? Just curious?? Thanks! Debbie [email protected]
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    Does Anyone Combine Companies?

    Great Idea! I don't know of anyone, but I think it could be a great concept! I think the 2 lines are separate enough to work well together without any overlap! I just became a consultant and love it. Feel free to contact me via e-mail and we can chat or discuss it more! Good Luck Debbie...
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    I'm Thinking of Pampered Chef as a Biz...

    Love It! I started in August just to try something new. I have a great fulltime job, but have done the same thing for almost 20 years! It is fun, easy, and rewarding to be a consultant! It is a great way to start your own business with virtually no risk. The $90 to get started is less than...