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  1. Gina M

    February Bag and Product Specials!

    I've earned the bag too!
  2. Gina M

    Trying to Put Together a Pc Scrap Book

    My director earned quite a few of the later years - was one if yours a cruise, Atlantis, another cruise or Paris?
  3. Gina M

    Oscar Best Picture Survey

    I've seen both Silver Linings and Argo and both are great!
  4. Gina M

    December Commission

    I think it will be the 24th since banks are generally only closed on Christmas Day.
  5. Gina M

    Pc Surprise in Mail

    I just got my $100,000 pin today! It had a note that said I had reached the new Career Club level in the time frame June 2011-July 2012. I had hit it back late last year - didn't expect any recognition - very cool!
  6. Gina M

    Lost It All but Hey, That May Not Stop Me!

    Awesome job on your weight loss John! That's great!:)
  7. Gina M

    Prayers for a Baby Born at 23.5 Weeks....

    Prayers for this little guy! I have a cousin who had a baby boy over 7 yrs ago at 24 weeks and 1 lb 7 oz and he's doing great! It's amazing what is available for preemies nowadays.
  8. Gina M

    Cleaning Glazed Part of Glazed Stoneware

    I've always used dish soap for the glazed part - it's not affecting any food on the outside of the stoneware.
  9. Gina M

    Tragedy Hits a Close Friend

    How awful Brenda!!:(. I will pray for this family. I have a friend who lost both her parents almost a year ago in a cabin explosion in WI that also injured her 10 yr old niece who was the only survivor. I pray their injuries heal quickly and that they find comfort and peace with the loss of...
  10. Gina M

    Fall Kickoff Schaumburg, Il

    I'm heading there as well- live in Geneva and so glad it's close!
  11. Gina M

    P3 Is Now Miscalculating Sales Tax!

    Way to go Brenda!! That is an awesome fundraiser:)
  12. Gina M

    P3 Is Now Miscalculating Sales Tax!

    I think in a PC Newswire - there were a few states with IL being one of them. I still forget sometimes since I've being doing this for 6 years the other way! At least you don't have to waste any more time trying to figure it out:)
  13. Gina M

    P3 Is Now Miscalculating Sales Tax!

    Brenda, We actually just started charging sales tax on shipping in IL as of March 1st. Hope that helps!
  14. Gina M

    Comparing an iPod Touch 8G vs. 32G: Which is Right for You?

    I have a 32G and love it. I have close to 2000 songs and tons of apps and still have a lot of room. I will have it for a long time and won't need to update it. Got it two years ago so I don't have a camera on mine bit it's great for getting on the Internet and not having to pay any monthly fee.
  15. Gina M

    January 2011 Sales Promotion?

    It was PC dollars. 5% for over $1250 in sales for consultants, SC and TL.
  16. Gina M

    Can I Add to a Show That I Already Closed?

    Unfortunately no. Once it's submitted you're out of luck. Maybe he'd submit it as an individual order - you can always ask.
  17. Gina M

    Shipping Rate on Supply Orders Going up

    I shut down P3 and restarted and it's still coming up $4.75 for shipping. Oh well!
  18. Gina M

    This Has Never Happened to Me Before, Advice, Please

    Personally I wouldn't bother working with her again. She was rude to you and didn't have the decency to just cancel the show and not waste your time. There are plenty of good people out there who wouldn't treat someone this way. Just my opinion!
  19. Gina M

    Staying On Top of Expenses: My New Year's Resolution

    Me too! 6 1/2 yrs as a consultant and the daughter of a CPA - luckily I have most of it together now and can hand off my info to my dad. Need to start doing better this year!:)
  20. Gina M

    R.i.p. Whitney Houston

    It's a shame they can't get their facts straight!
  21. Gina M

    R.i.p. Whitney Houston

    I heard it too and googled it. Bobby Brown lost his dad in Dec of 2011 and his mom in January of 2011- so a very tough year for him.
  22. Gina M

    R.i.p. Whitney Houston

    Not like this makes a difference but Bobby Brown's dad passed away in Dec '11 from cancer. Still a fresh raw grief - I can't imagine how losing Whitney has affected him, their daughter and their entire family. How very sad:(.
  23. Gina M

    Prayer Request for Another Consultant

    Glad to hear she is on her way to recovery. Praying for a full recovery for Marie!
  24. Gina M

    Spoilers? Maybe Just a Crumb? Please Send Me a Pm

    I was supposed to go to Milwaukee for spring launch on Saturday but sadly my grandpa died today and his funeral is on Saturday. I wanted to see how they handed out the goodie bags - would my director be able to pick it up for me? Are they handed out at the end of the meeting? Figured I'd ask...
  25. Gina M

    Grandpa Louie: A Loving Father, Grandfather & Great Grandfather

    My wonderful Grandpa Louie passed away earlier today at the age of 93. He was a great dad to my mom and her 2 sisters, had 8 grandchildren (7 granddaughters and 1 grandson) and had 12 great grandchildren ranging in age from 23 down to 1. He was married to my Grandma Evelyn for nearly 69 years...
  26. Gina M

    Cs Mobile Version?

    It must be - same thing on my iPod touch - never seen it like this before!
  27. Gina M

    New Consultant Website

    Kristina- I pulled up your web site and the shop online option was there in the right hand order. Just instruct your guests to click on that and then choose option #1 and then put the host name in so she will get the credit.
  28. Gina M

    Mystery Host Party "Raffle"- Opinion?

    I usually wait until after everyone leaves so I can make sure that I have all the orders and then I can decide if I want one or two winners. It's usually chaotic at my own shows and sometimes guests will leave early so I decided this was easier. I usually ask my guests to take a catalog home...
  29. Gina M

    What Would You Do?

    I would just call her again. I still have an answering machine with a tape and when someone is leaving a message - it will give my phone a busy signal. I'd give her the benefit of the doubt.
  30. Gina M

    Bamboo Turn-About

    Thanks for the heads up - mine has a crack and sits nowhere near heat. Did an adjustment - need to find a box to ship it back!