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    Personal Website??? Is It Worth It?

    I Have beent hinking of getting a website. Is it worth it? Please tell me what good things have happened to you with having your own website. Any orders out of the blue from people on the internet? thanks girls! Amy
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    Mother/Daughter Show

    I have a host who wants a mother/daughter show. I do not know what to do since this will be my second show! Any ideas??? Amy
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    Mother/Daughter Show?

    My host would like to do a mother/daughter show. She also wants the kids to cook! Any suggestions or recipes? Thanks Amy
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    Hosts Kitchen Show at Borgata: Success & Challenges!

    The first show was ok....My friend who is the chef @ the Borgata was the host!I made a couple mistakes and I forgot a lot of what I wanted to say but overall it was ok. She has a lot of outside orders to come and I got 2 bookings. The one booking is a chef @ The Borgata as well and she wants to...
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    First Show Jitters

    Tomorrow night is my first show! My friend is a professional chef at The Borgata and she is having it!A lot of her coworkers will be there. Im just a little nervous. I am making the garder ranch pizza and Taffy Apple Pizza! I hope it goes ok...any advice? Amy :eek:
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    End of Month Show/Ss???

    My director told me also this mornign that it is ok if I put it in Nov. 1st. My guests will still recieve the Oct. Specials and it will go on SSmonth 2 for me...Thanks ladies Amy
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    End of Month Show/Ss???

    thanks so much !! I am very happy :0)
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    End of Month Show/Ss???

    I have a question for everyone. I am in SSmonth 1. My first show isn't until Oct. 26.( I am having a hard time finding people ) How can I submit this show for OCtober to get the host special but have it count for SSmonth 2? Beacuse I have another show Nov. 4th and I would like both show to...
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    Cool Veggie Pizza

    I am planning on doing this recipe at my first show? Any ideas or tips? Is it a good recipe to start with? If not please tell me your ideas..Thanx Amy
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    Ordering Supplies: PamperedPartner vs Mail

    I want to order the easy accent decorator but it didnt show up under PP????
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    Ordering Supplies: PamperedPartner vs Mail

    How do I order supplies? Via PamperedPartner or by mail?? I am just so confused. Thanks
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    I Need Your Help!!

    I need help! I am having a mystery host show( my intro show) I need ideas for it! I really want to make this right and I need ideas! Any ideas will help me! thanks Amy
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    Paperwork Supply Order Form

    Hi everone! I am in my first month selling Pampered Chef! I want to order some stuff from the paper work supply order form but I don't know exactly what I should get. Anyone have any suggestions??Thanks so much! Amy
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    Mystery Host Show: Need Ideas & Flyers

    Thanks Thanks so much! :D
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    Mystery Host Show: Need Ideas & Flyers

    Anyone have any flyers ar ideas for a mystery host show??? Thanks :)