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  1. D_Patel

    Director Income

    My AD is usually in the consultant news for top sales each month ! I have seen her pay checks ! All i can say is WOW !!!!!!!!
  2. D_Patel

    Wed 11 July Update (Paige)

    I hope she returns home soon. As far as her double life goes , i think it is stupid that they have to bring it up and publisize about it. Now what is that going to do to her family and children not to mention her PC career. It was her private life. Now made public. She was a single mom who did...
  3. D_Patel

    Anyone in the Marston Downline?

    Hmm , kinda makes you wonder why, he was sooo successful at PC, i bet the benifets and pay is more with the other company.
  4. D_Patel

    Thrift Store Find: 36 Classic Scrapers for Bookings!

    I have found quite a bit at yard sales ! Last week i got a new in the box loaf pan for $3.00 !!
  5. D_Patel

    Have You Seen Myspace.com Lately?

    Exactly why i cancelled my web site. We used to be able to advertise it, it was nice, i got a lot of business from it search engines ect.
  6. D_Patel

    Baking a Whole Chicken: A Simple Guide

    Well i ended up , setting the overn to 425, took the chicken brushed it with oil added our italiam seasoning and adding a bag of baby carrots , put a little bit of water in the bottom an hour and a half later ! AMAZING the chicken fell of the bone !DH was very happy !!! It was the best chicken i...
  7. D_Patel

    Baking a Whole Chicken: A Simple Guide

    Ok , i bought a whole chicken , i want to use my covered baker , in the oven not microwave.... i also have carrots to put in. Iam clueless ! Help ! What do i do , what temp for how long and how do i prepare the chicken for baking > THANK YOU !!!!!!!!
  8. D_Patel

    Picture of Trifle

    looks good!!!!!!! iam so trying that recipe!
  9. D_Patel

    Say Yeah!!!!!! It's Payday!

    yup yup got mine :)
  10. D_Patel

    Ok.. Trying to Conceive and Have Question

    A great site for temping is www.fertilityfriend.com , i use it very simple . You put in your temp every morning it keeps track of everything for you ! It is free too. I bought a VIP member ship $25.00 for 90 days. We have been TTC #3 for 10 months, iam hopeing this month is it !!!
  11. D_Patel

    Inactive Ordering?

    ya no you cant kinda dumb huh ! If you want to become active again and you have no paper work left what do you do?
  12. D_Patel

    Start Your Own Catalog Show: Turn Sales into Sweet Treats!

    My mom is a elementary school nurse she ends up with about 5 or 6 catalog show a year for me ! She is always posting guest specials and host specials for me the teachers at her school love it ! I just submited a show for her today acually !
  13. D_Patel

    Can't Believe I Was Late

    I had a show i got to on time :) The host was in the shower :eek: hadnt cleaned her house yet and still didnt go to the store to get the ingredients. So the show started over a hour late !
  14. D_Patel

    Weirdest Thing Happened Today

    I would definatly check inot it more, Director or not any one can be crooked you know what i mean. That is sad , i would be so mad ! LEt us know what happens !
  15. D_Patel

    Sleek Way to Advertise!

    Which is so stupid i think if we pay for it why cant we advertise it !
  16. D_Patel

    Kick off Meeting in Ct

    Nancy Toombs is my Ad !!! I didnt get to attend :( I love how Nancy thanks her hosts in her calender and puts the level the host is at !! Sounds like i missed a good time !
  17. D_Patel

    Holy Sh**...What Am I Going to Do!!

    Well all i have to say is they better help her out ! I know if it were me who got a $380.00 show stolen from my door step and basically was told oh well by HO, i would be ripped !!!!!!! I really hope you get some where with HO today !
  18. D_Patel

    theMix-N-Chop Rocks!!!!!

    yup i used mine the other night for ground beef ! It is awesome made it so fine !!! Love it i will be highly recomending it this year !!!
  19. D_Patel

    Guess What I Did Today?

    wow ! Very nice !!! just try to memorize it... at my first show i was a nervous reck i had put everything i wanted to say on index cards... so i wouldnt forget to mention stuff. well they got all messed up out of order it was a disaster ! I was so nervous and then my cards were all wrong ... my...
  20. D_Patel

    There's Cookware Bags on Ebay!!!

    Iam not mentionng any names... but about two years ago a lady in Florida a AD acually got bagged. She sold on Ebay it was how she earned trips and got so much in sales everymonth. She had the Ebay account set up under her sisters name and address. On an average day she would have over 200 PC...
  21. D_Patel

    Maximizing Bookings with Attractive Host Gifts: Your Suggestions Welcome!

    Last month i put on all my catalogs.. on the front Book a show with me in February and recieve FREE at your show your choice of * small bar pan* * small round stone* * medium round stone* * loaf pan * I add it on to there show at the end with the stones being on sale at 20% off plus...
  22. D_Patel

    Wave One Conference 2007

    I work part time at a hotel check in usually isnt untill 3pm... might want to call the hotel to make sure !!!
  23. D_Patel

    Help With Pampered Partner Plus

    I got several emails saying do NOT install it from my up line......
  24. D_Patel

    Trifle Bowl in One Piece!

    mine came in one piece thank god... i acually had no problems with anything ! I saved my original box it came in and ima going to use that to take it back and forth to shows !
  25. D_Patel

    What Is Your Least Favorite Pc Product?

    I like the colored Knives i think they will be big sellers beacuse of the price ! The dots are awful ! Painted on crooked and just really cheap looking ! The new kitchen shears are awful... the old one are soooo much better. I do like the new salad chopper that is cool ! I like the trifle...
  26. D_Patel

    Iam Sure This Has Ben Done but Dots

    Iam so not liking the dots... they look so cheaply painted on ! I like the small bowl just not the dots... the big round bowl is nice.... i dunno...
  27. D_Patel

    Amazing Finds on eBay: PC Products You Won't Believe!

    What a lot of the people do on ebay is, the consultant will have there neighbor or cousin or who ever set up the EBay account and then list PC stuff, that way HO cant track it to the consulatant.. it isnt under there name so no connection to PC. Get it.. It is unfair but that is how they get...
  28. D_Patel

    What Are Your Sales Average?

    My cooking show average is about $650.00 Catty about $350.00-$400.00
  29. D_Patel

    New Training Dvd Package

    well there is a hour and 11 minute wait... so i will get back to ya on this one !