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    HELP -Weight Watchers Points

    Does anyone have info on where I can get the point conversion on the new cookbooks and season's best?
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    Lowfat recipes

    Help! I'm doing an open house at a Ladies Gym and need suggestions on what type of healthy/lowfat recipes I can make? I've done this in the past at the same gym and have made the wonton berry cups and the lorraine tartlets so I was looking for something different that would be easy enough for...
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    In Need of Cranberry MicroFiber Towel

    Hi Everyone- I had a guest at my show on Friday that desperatley wants the microfiber towel in cranberry. I checked the outlet but wasn't lucky. Does anyone have any that they would like to sell?? Let me know and we'll figure out the shipping. Thanks- Terry
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    I Need Help

    O.K. Here's my problem...Home office is closed so I can't ask them but I have a show that I did on Feb 27th and am closing it NOW (before Monday) and I have a guest who wants the Let's Eat Cookbook that has been discontinued as of 3/1 so PP won't let me enter it. I added it to the product list...
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    Product Pics

    Hello Everyone! I am doing a raffle ticket fundraiser and wanted to know if anyone has a flyer that highlights pictures of the most popular PC products? I didn't want to hand out catalogs to everyone because I would need over 150 catalogs but thought of puting a flyer with some pics of just...