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  1. J

    FS PC Wear Different Sizes

    I am hanging up my apron. I have a list of current and discontinued items I would like to sell. Please e-mail me at [email protected] and I can e-mail you a list. Everything is barely used. These things were used to demonstrate in my shows only. Also, here is a PDF of apparel items I am...
  2. J

    Question about Sales Levels to be submitted.

    Okay, I am confused. I know with the new career plan the sales levels you have to submit have changed. I have not submitted ANYTHING since May. So, in the old plan, I would go inactive the end of July and loose the 2%. With the new plan I know there is something about not submitting anything...
  3. J

    Urgent PC Scam

    Hi All- I received this today from my director and I thought I would pass this along: Hello all, I thought I would share with you all an interesting email I received yesterday. I didn’t want to forward the email on just in case it contained viruses or other nasty stuff, but here’s the...
  4. J

    Disney World

    We will be flying to Disney in a couple of weeks for my DDs first trip to see the big mouse. We are very excited as you may guess. Does anyone know if Sea World has any discount coupons? I see their website offers adults get in the price for kids but that is still $60ish per person. Is it...
  5. J

    T-Shirts and Supplies for Sale

    Please see attached PDF for Shirt sizes and colors. All shirts are $5 plus shipping.The shirts weight approx 9 oz if you want to figure out how you want them mailed by USPS The yellow shirt is the only one left! Please send zip code when you are replying so I can send you a price
  6. J

    I need recipe help!

    I have been invited by our local Sibcy Cline realtors to submit recipes for their Homebuilders Association cookbook. I am also submitting my business card to be added to their publication. I know because of copyright I cannot use PC's recipes. I would like to use something that is PC...
  7. J

    Vista Print

    What do you put for your advertisements on vista print. They are not on the "approved" list so we cannot add anything PC related right?
  8. J

    Green Apron and Tablecloth for sale

    I have the hunter-green apron and Tablecloth for sale. I am asking $15 for both plus shipping.
  9. J

    Trouble getting a hold of a host to close show.

    So, I had a show January 31st. The hostess was not ready to close her show for it to qualify for a January show. Fast forward, now it has been almost a month and the hostess will not return my phone calls. I did the show with my TS friend and the CC number she gave her was a bad number...
  10. J

    ISO Postcard for new products

    I am wondering if anyone has a postcard for the new products. I want to do an open house and thought this would be cheaper than sending out a full sheet of paper.
  11. J

    ISO green bar board

    I have a two customers who is in search of the green bar board with knife. Please send me a total for shipping to 45040, if you are willing to part with yours.
  12. J

    ISO Green Bar Board with Quikut Knife

    I have a customer who is in search of the green bar board with knife. Please send me a total for shipping to 45122, if you are willing to part with yours.
  13. J

    Realtor Summit display ideas

    I have a realtor event in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions on what to display? They are lookinig for house warming gift ideas....
  14. J

    ISO Rectangular Baker Lid

    I have two different customers looking for the Rectangluar Baker Lid. Please send me a message with price if you can help me out.