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    HELP -Weight Watchers Points

    Does anyone have info on where I can get the point conversion on the new cookbooks and season's best?
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    Lowfat recipes

    thanks so much Leslie- they sound delish
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    Lowfat recipes

    Help! I'm doing an open house at a Ladies Gym and need suggestions on what type of healthy/lowfat recipes I can make? I've done this in the past at the same gym and have made the wonton berry cups and the lorraine tartlets so I was looking for something different that would be easy enough for...
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    In Need of Cranberry MicroFiber Towel

    Thanks Jodi -it worked just fine!
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    In Need of Cranberry MicroFiber Towel

    Forgive me for sounding stupid but I never did an individual order believe it or not so when I put the order in who am I putting in for the hostess? - the person who wants the towel?
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    In Need of Cranberry MicroFiber Towel

    Oh geeze-I wish I came to this site before. I don't think I can get in touch w/ the guest this late. So if anyone does have any let me know. Thanks Gillian for the info though!
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    In Need of Cranberry MicroFiber Towel

    Hi Everyone- I had a guest at my show on Friday that desperatley wants the microfiber towel in cranberry. I checked the outlet but wasn't lucky. Does anyone have any that they would like to sell?? Let me know and we'll figure out the shipping. Thanks- Terry
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    I Need Help

    O.K. - I'm the stupid one! the guest had written down the wrong # and I got confused because the other kids stuff (apron etc) was being discontinued I thought I had missed something and the cookbook was too! MY BAD!! That's what happens when you enter shows late at night!! The thing is that the...
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    I Need Help

    O.K. Here's my problem...Home office is closed so I can't ask them but I have a show that I did on Feb 27th and am closing it NOW (before Monday) and I have a guest who wants the Let's Eat Cookbook that has been discontinued as of 3/1 so PP won't let me enter it. I added it to the product list...
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    Product Pics

    Hello Everyone! I am doing a raffle ticket fundraiser and wanted to know if anyone has a flyer that highlights pictures of the most popular PC products? I didn't want to hand out catalogs to everyone because I would need over 150 catalogs but thought of puting a flyer with some pics of just...
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    Easy Read Mini Measuring Cup ~Awesome idea!!

    Thanks so much for that tidbit of info...I never knew what to suggest for that little guy! Except measuring oil. I stink at making coffee- I guess not anymore!!
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    Did anyone notice the link on CC this morning that says that Fedex is

    I am soooooooo upset! I LOVE my UPS guy! My neighbors and I have this secret/funny/make believe affair going on with him. The funny thing is that he knows it and flirts right back- what am I going to do now for entertainment!!!
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    Frappuccino Recipe?

    Not sure if this is what you're looking for but I had this recipe in my files. 1/3 c. instant coffee 1/2 c boiling water 1 14oz can sweeetened condensed milk (NOT EVAPORATED MILK) 2 c cold water 1 qt chocolate milk ice Place coffee granules in small batter bowl. Add boiling water and...
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    Need awesome stoneware recipe!!

    I made the Mom's Apple Crisp in the Deep Dish Pie Plate or you can make it in the Deep Dish Baker and the best thing is that it's microwavable and done in 12-15 min. Mom's Apple Crisp Ingredients: 4-6 Granny Smith apples 8 graham crackers (2 1/2 x 5 inches), finely chopped 3/4...
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    Men's favorite products?

    I've been searching too! I thought it would be good to bring the carving set or steak knives but I'm not sure if it's such a great idea since there will be kids around-safety hazard and all?? What do you think? Also you can't go wrong with the chopper. I was going to put a sign that says...
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    Tri-Fold Posters / Boards & Such

    How about something like "Raising Funds and Awareness" or "Be A Hero Today" The rest sounds fine--good luck!
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    HWC Disaster

    Wow! That's a lot of food! How many people did you do that for?
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    HWC Disaster

    Well after reading these threads I know I'm in trouble!! I too am doing a HWC fundraiser open house this Sunday at my house and so far it doesn't look good. I understand about following up with phonecalls and not wanting to go over a strangers house but I thought I would have a better chance...
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    I have to ask this...

    I'm doing my first Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser "Open House" on Sunday and I'm afraid the turn out isn't going to be great either- I'm feeling your pain John! I sent out over 200 flyers in my surrounding development. I think I'm going to have to do what John did and turn it into a regular show...
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    How did everyone make out at The Babies R Us Pamper Mom Day?

    I didn't get to do this one but I'm in for the Father's one in June. I would love to hear your ideas since you guys experienced the one for Mothers and see what you were planning on changing or focusing on. I know people mentioned BBQUE tools and recipes that went along but what else??
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    BRU attendees.......

    Hi Liz, I would love your recipe ideas if you wouldn't mind sharing. Thanks!
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    Help needed with creating flyer with picture

    Wow this sounds great- when and if you do get it- if you wouldn't mind sharing I would appreciate it. My e-mail is [email protected]
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    Game Ideas for HWC Show?

    Kristi, Let us know how it goes! Good luck at your show tonight!!
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    Game Ideas for HWC Show?

    Thank you so much for the How "In the Pink" Are You game. I was looking for something like this. My only question is...since I'm doing an Open House where people are coming and going should I be doing games like this and when?
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    Riddle Game - ?? on how to play this

    Andrea- you are so right!! It's all about having fun and letting loose for a night! I would ask the host if she's comfortable with it first. Mom4kanda don't be such a prude! All I can say is imagine what a little alcohol will do! I'm definetly doing this at my next show!
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    What's everyone making for May...

    I wasn't sure if I should have put the message here or through you personally so I'm doing both. I was wondering if you can share your scramble game using cancer fighting foods with me. I was trying to think of some games I could do for the Open House. Is that the only game you'll be doing?
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    Recipe advice for HWC fundraiser Tomorrow

    This is my first fundraiser "Open House" that I'm having and I just sent out over 200 flyers in my development and the development behind me so I'm hoping for a huge turnout too. The only difference is I'm having this at my house...yikes I hope they all don't come at once. Anyway I was thinking...
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    The HO Tours are all full already

    I didn't get a home office tour either!! Do you know of anyone who did the stand by and got in- just wondering if it's worth it to stand on line?
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    Simple Additions Spiel

    I like to say something like ...whether you're a good cook or not - things taste better when they look good! It's all about the presentation! As long as it looks good the rest is forgotten!
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    Appetizers for Fundraiser

    For the desserts I would think about doing the tuxedo Brownie Cups pg26 Celebrate cook book or the Berries 'N Cream Wonton Cups pg 114 It's Good For You. The brownie and the cups can be made ahead of time and then just filled - you can even have guests come up and help if you want and you'll...