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    What sample package are you ordering?

    Just checking to see what everyone is doing. I LOVE the roasting pan and carving board so I will most likley order all the new products! I am so excited!! :D
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    Does anyone have the list of products that will be retired?

    I would appreciate it if you could post so that I can let my customers know they should order them before they are gone. Thanks!! LaWanda
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    Sales ISO a flag to put outside of my home that has the PC logo

    I am looking for something for the outside of my home that has the PC logo on it. A director here has a flag that she has outside of her house. I can't find anything. I checked Town and country and saw the yard sign but it is not recomended for extended use outside. TIA!! LaWanda
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    Theme Show Doing my first theme show this month

    I am hosting a mystery host party at my home the end of the month. I am a bit nervous. Any suggestions? I am hoping that everyone will have a ton of fun and in turn want to book a show. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks yall!
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    Question about out of state partys

    When I have someone do an out of state catalog show, do I need to send the host receipts or do they come from Pampered Chef since the party is direct shipped? Thanks!