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    Open House recipe(s)

    I made the Sweet & Salty Party Mix for my Open House and it was a hit. I also made the Greek Cheese Torta recipe but, rather than making it in the Small Batter Bowl, I split it into two of the 2-cup Prep Bowls. That way, you can use one up first and then set the other out. The cream cheese...
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    Mango mousse or pink martinis??

    I have made the pink martinis and I thought they were great!!!! Where is the mango mousse recipe?
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    Kitchen Electrics

    I earned level two and chose two items from Level I. I chose the 10" SS skillet, which I received about two weeks ago. I also chose the Kitchen Aid handmixer and received it this past Friday.
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    Creme de Menthe Cheesecake - URGENT!

    Has anyone made the Creme de Menthe Cheesecake recipe from the Festive Holidays Desserts recipe book? A friend of mine wants to make this for Easter and I'm just wondering what kind of candies you used. I haven't made it yet myself, so unable to help her. Thanks so much.
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    Pineapple Rum Sauce

    It is great with brie, as well. Cut your brie in half. Place 1/2 of brie, cut side up, on small bar pan and pour some of the pineapple rum sauce over top. Place second 1/2 of brie on top, cut side up, and pour more pineapple rum sauce over top. Bake in oven for 8 to 10 minutes. Yummy!
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    Double Chocolate Mousse Cups

    Thanks, Esther, and everyone else who replied. I found some at Wal-mart, in Hanover, this week too. Now, I'm anxious to try the recipe.
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    Double Chocolate Mousse Cups

    Does anyone know where you can buy the waffle cups in Canada? I live in a small town and haven't been able to find them in either of our grocery stores.
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    Recipe for 20 or more

    I often do either the Hot Pizza Dip or Fiesta Chicke Dip, in the DD Baker, if I have a large crowd. That way, you don't have to cut anything into pieces.....people just help themselves. I slice a baguette and brush the slices with the garlic infused canola oil and bake those on the bar pan...
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    Sweet sprinkles bites?

    Crescent Roll Recipe? Can someone share the recipe you refer to with the crescent rolls and sprinkles? Thanks so much.
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    New Brownies in Mini Muffin Pan?

    Tuxedo Brownie Cups Do you have to refrigerate them 1 to 3 hours before serving? How do you do this at a show?
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    June KCN - Canadian Edition

    Us Kcn Could someone post the US version? Thanks so much.
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    Host Coaching Host Coaching Q & A

    Here is the one I use in all of my Host packages. Hope it helps.
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    May CN - Canadian Edition

    Thanks for sharing, Allison. It's great to compare the two publications.
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    Theme Show First bridal shower - DISASTER!

    Different Spin on Bridal Shows I have had good luck with most of my Bridal Shows but I do mine a little differently. First of all, I do my own invitations and explain that guests are invited to bring a gift of cash, in an unmarked envelope, for the bride and I have a gift box for the guests to...
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    May CN - Canadian Edition

    Could someone post the Consultant News from the US? I think it would be great to see yours.
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    What's everyone making for May?

    Strawberry Spinach Salad When you do this recipe at a show, is this all you serve? I love this recipe too but have never done it at a show because I thought it seemed funny to serve salad by itself.
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    Bookings Deal or No Deal

    A few people, on another thread, mentioned playing Deal or No Deal at their shows. Can someone explain how this works for those of us who have no idea. Thanks so much.
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    Low Fat Trifle?

    Jennifer, your trifle looks greate. Could you please post the recipe? Thanks so much.
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    Easy Chocolate Trifle

    Debbie, what recipe is that? It looks amazing!!!!
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    Microwave Cake Recipe?

    Does anyone know if there is a substitute for the Cheesecake Pudding mix? I have not been able to find it anywhere near where I live here in Canada.
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    Lime-Berry Mousse Trifle

    I made this recipe the other day, and took it into work the next morning, for everyone to sample. It was delicious and everyone loved it. I haven't made it at a show yet but actually was wondering the opposite......how is it to eat right after you make it? I thought trifles were usually best...
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    Recipe Cards??

    Recipe Cards I use the recipe cards at my shows and give one to everyone who places an order at the show. I like the fact that they are very inexpensive and the customer has a card with my name and telephone number etc. It's just a small token of my appreciation to thank them for coming to...
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    Tropical Adult Beverages for your shows

    Thanks, Ann, for the great recipes. Some of them, especially the non-alcoholic ones, seem to call for a lot of lemon juice or lime juice. Do you mean lemonade, if you don't say freshly squeezed?
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    30 Minute Chicken

    Nicole, Thank you so much for posting the information from your website. Can't wait to try this recipe. Have you done it at a show? If so, do you do another recipe while the chicken is baking?
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    30 Minute Chicken

    Can someone please post the recipe for the 30 minute chicken that everyone is raving about. I have read that it is on CC but I am a Canadian consultant and don't see it on our website. Sounds like a great recipe!!! Thanks so much.
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    Theme Show Invitations for Bridal Shower Show

    Attached is a template for the invitations I use for my PC Bridal Shows. I always do my own personalized invitations, explaining how the shower works, as I want people to know they are not to bring a gift. I print these on a suitable paper from the office supply store and mail as many as my...
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    Pizza Dip - not thrilled!

    Hot Pizza Dip I do this recipe at tons of my shows and it always goes over well. I add one or two cloves of garlic to the cream cheese mixture, so I can demo the Garlic Press. I double the recipe and do it in the Deep Dish Baker. I bake a tube of the Soft Italian Breadsticks on the Large...
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    October recipe

    Question for Karlene re Caramel Apple Cake Do you leave the Flaky Rolls whole and toss them in the cinnamon mixture? Do you then just lay them in the skillet before baking? Sounds like a good recipe.
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    Bookings How long is your presentation?

    Chef Susan You mentioned you get to the show an hour early.....do you prepare your recipe at the Host's house during that time or make it at home? Do you just do an air demo of the products while the recipe is baking? If so, do you find that is enough to demo the products. I work...
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    What recipe for Sept?

    Beth - Chocolates in new Silicone Pan Beth, Can you tell us more about how you do the chocolates in the new Silicone pan?