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    Theme Show Asian Theme

    I have a host who wants to do an Asian theme. Any suggestions?
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    Need P3 Help Please

    Alright... I am pretty computer literate and have been working on P3 for over a month. I added a new show today and started adding in orders. P3 is not calculating the tax right! It has it right on every show except this one. And yes, I have checked the tax rate listed. The show is Lake...
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    Need a Favor Please!

    I have a recruit lead who is very close to signing, but she has never been to a Kitchen Show! She never heard about PC until I met her when I was in California in the beginning of the month. I am trying to get her to sign before the Feb 28th deadline so she can earn the skillet. She is off...
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    Sales Need some creative thinkers please!

    Hi Everyone! I bought the very cute cookware notecards from Merrill at Leadership. I have this great idea that I am going to send on to every customer I have who has bought cookware from me. The problem is... I can't figure out what to write in them! It can't be too long, since it is...
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    Theme Show Small Bridal Shower

    Okay, this will probably sound greedy and selfish, but it is not intended to do so... I just received the guest list and wish list for a Bridal Shower I am doing in 2 weeks. The bride is only inviting 10 couples and the most expensive item on her list is the US&G. I am concerned that she...
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    Template for PC Invitation Postcards

    Does anyone have a template in Word that they use to print out their PC postcard invitations? I have been using labels but am tired of wasting money on labels. I want to complete the template in Word and just put the postcards through the computer. Thanks!
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    Theme Show Fuzzy Slipper Show

    Well it's January in Wisconsin and although it has not been that cold, I am doing a Fuzzy Slipper Show at the end of the month. The host wants to do some kind of comfort food (probably main dish) at the show. Any recommendations for a good demo? Thanks in advance!
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    Recipes in Fall 2005 Catalog

    Hi Everyone! I am looking for the listing of the recipes featured in the Fall 2005 catalog. I thought I had it on my computer and cannot find it. I also went to Consultant's Corner, and the listing there is still for the Spring/Summer Catalog! Not very helpful. I searched the file...
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    Mini Holiday Catalog Correction Labels

    Hi Everyone, I am getting ready to send out some Mini Holiday catalogs, but could not send them with the error regarding the Classic Batter Bowls. For those of you who missed the e-mail... the catalog is supposed to advertise the Small Batter Bowls for the gift mixes - not the Classic. So...
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    Host Coaching Host Information Sheet

    I have been using the Host Information Sheet supplied in the Recipe for Success binder for my host coaching. I was just curious if anyone has a different host coaching sheet that they prefer and would be willing to share? Thanks!
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    Chicken & Fluted Stone

    Hi Everyone! Well, I've searched and searched on the posts today and apparently am blind! Can anyone tell me real quick at what temperature do you do the "impaled chicken" on the fluted stone? Thanks!
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    Chillzanne Rect. Server

    Anyone have any ideas for a main dish or appetizer (other than shrimp or deviled eggs) for the Chillzanne? I would like to use it at my shows in June and not make a dessert. (I want to promote it for July) Thanks for your help!
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    Theme Show Help Whip Cancer Catalog Show

    Hi Everyone, I have a host who is having a number of long distance friends and family over for a family get-together Memorial Day weekend. She is planning on having catalogs and order forms out for people to place orders, as none of these people would be able to attend a Kitchen Show...
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    Bookings January consultant incentive

    Hi Everyone! I am looking for one of the catalog tote bags that were given away as part of the January consultant incentive. I would love to have one of these to increase bookings and sales as I am out and about. If anyone has one that they do not want - I would be willing to purchase it...