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    Silver whisk charm for necklace

    I have the silver whisk charm for a necklace you receive when you reach $15,000 in sales. It is still in the plastic/box. I have never worn it. I will sell it for $5 plus shipping. Thanks!
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    Tool turn about tote

    I have the tool turn about tote for sale. It is out of the plastic, but I've never used it. I will sell it for $10, plus shipping. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
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    Customer service line

    Oh my gosh. I have been trying to get a hold of customer service. One time I waited 50 minutes, Last night I waited 30 min. I am now at 14 min. What would they do this? I am sooo frustrated. Have any of you had this problem? Is there a better time of day to call?
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    Host Coaching Host not closing show

    HELP! I have a host that hosted a kitchen show in mid MAY! She will not close her show. It has taken her this long to get 2 additional outside orders that totaled something like $60....that was last Friday. It is now Tuesday, and she will still not get me her order. I don't understand. All...