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    Buying WANTED: Black Lap Boards from Town & Country

    I am looking for 5 - 10 of the black lap boards from our former vendor, Town & Country. Offering $2.00 each + shipping. Please email or private message me if you have these available for sale. Thanks!
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    New Covered Stoneware in Microwave!

    Oh my! This recipe/stoneware ROCKS! Thanks sooooooo much to the original poster for sharing this recipe. I have never baked a chicken in the oven, but I just had to try this. I cannot believe how moist this turned out! I called my director right away and told her to RUN to the store and try...
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    Anone have the 2005 Cooking Show average from Recruiting Album inserts?

    I'm looking for the 2005 Cooking Show Average per Home Office. I have the 2004 stats from the Recruiting Album inserts, but I haven't received the updated inserts I ordered to check the 2005 number. Does anyone have that info handy? Thanks!
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    Theme Show Power cooking

    DVD of California Show - Did anyone receive? Hi there. I contacted Michele Rossie in California who processed DVD copies of the Laura's California presentaion. I received copies tonight, but they are missing 1/2 of the Show. The DVD cuts out right in the middle. Has anyone else ordered and...
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    Executive 12" Lid - Will it fit Professional?

    Has anyone tried the 12" Executive Lid to see if it fits the Professional 12" Skillet and Stir Fry Pan? I am thinking of getting this with my Panorama points, but only it if fits the Professional pieces. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    ? How late can you submit a prior month's Show?

    Hi there. I have an April catalog show that is just coming in (don't ask!). If I date the show for April 30th in Pampered Partner, can I still submit it now in June and let the host choose April host specials? Thanks for your quick response! Domiche
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    Need an Extra Room on Wave 3

    Hi guys. My group is needing 1 extra room for Wave 3, arriving Sunday night, leaving Thursday am. If you have an extra room that you want to give up, please let me know and we can transfer the reservation. Thanks in advance for your help! Donetta
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    Bookings Weekday Daytime Shows

    Greetings! :-) Need your help on how to secure daytime shows through the week. I have a potential recruit who is interested but WILL NOT drive at night and will do some Saturday/Sunday shows, but is more interested in how to do this during the week/during the day. Anyone tapped into...
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    Theme Show David's Bridal - Raleigh or Durham NC available!

    Hi All. My team has the contract for both of these locations and would like to transfer out of one of them. Not sure which one we will exit, depends on interest level in one or the other. If you are interested assuming the contract for one, please contact me via email or private message...
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    Bookings June Booking Ideas

    Ooopss. Here's the corrected numbers... Assuming a $500 Show: Product Retail = $100 Host Discount = 25% Adjusted Product Cost = $75.00 Customer Pays ½ of retail = $50 Balance Consultant pays out of pocket at show = $25.00 Consultant Commission = 25% Commission on Adjusted Product...
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    Bookings June Booking Ideas

    Offering Extra 50% off Item. My director and I are working on the following incentive: Book a June* Show and receive an extra product of your choice for 50% off. Refer a friend who books a June* Show and you BOTH receive an extra product for 50% off. * Show must be held an submitted...
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    French Catalogs - Free(+shipping) to good home

    Hi there. Ordered 100 U.S. catalogs and HO shipped French by mistake. HO doesn't want them back. If anyone would like them, you can have them, just pay shipping. Send me a private message with your zip code and I'll let you know how much shipping will be. Thanks!
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    Directors Cluster Meeting Guide in Consultant News

    Hi All, I am a Future Director with 4 signed, working on #5 and I am eager to begin planning my own Cluster Meetings. I understand that the Director's Edition of the CN has a guide each month on planning Cluster Mtgs. Are any of the Director's out there willing to share what that looks like...
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    Help! - Ultimate Slice & Grate for Cheese?

    :confused: Hi All! I am looking to switch to using the US&G for cheese and ditch the Deluxe Cheese Grater in my show demos. Any tips for grating cheese using the food holder? I tried using it last night and the cheese just broke apart. So I grated it by hand (without the holder), but I...
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    Buying WANTED: Professional Family Skillet for trade

    Thanks Deb. I knew about the 1/2 price option on the supply order. Was trying to avoid spending more $ when I have product that I'm not using. May explore that option if no one is up for a trade.
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    Buying WANTED: Professional Family Skillet for trade

    I have the Professional Grill Pan (new in box, never opened), that I would like to trade for the Professional Family Skillet (new, unused). If interested, send me a private message and we can set up a trade. If you are interested in trading your Family Skillet, but don't want the Grill Pan...
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    Sales OOh, OOh.. did you guys SEE??

    Is Executive 12" skillet on the supply order form? I'm at work and can't access PP, but I'm dying to know. Can someone check? Thanks! Donetta
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    Receipts for gifts (spinoff thread)

    Gift Receipts - you can give to your guests Hi Janel. Here's something you can do..... When you're at your Shows, you can tell your guests to let you know if they need a guest receipt. If so, you can give them one of the attached cards. Just fill out the Consultant #, Show# and Date. Then...
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    Buying WANTED: Discontinued Small Serving Tongs

    I would like 3-4 of these. This was item #2560. The larger one is still in the catalog. If you have one or more you are willing to part with, please advise. Thanks! Donetta in North Carolina (27012)
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    Bookings Intro letter?

    Letter announcing business to friends/family.... Here's the letter I sent out to announce my business when I started. I included an invitation to a mystery show I was hosting at my house as a kickoff.
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    Email Brain - Who's using it?

    Hi All. I am seriously considering using Email Brain to send out my monthly email. I have looked at Constant Contact, but the pricing is better at Email Brain. If there is anyone using Email Brain, can you send me your latest newsletter so that I can see a sample of the formatting available...
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    Host Coaching Partnering w/your Hostess by Steve Wiltshire - opinions?

    Problems getting addresses? Chef Kearns, thanks for the input. The concept of sending invitations for the host appeals to me, but I'm hung up on the addresses. I would think that most people either hand out invitations personally or send emails. I know when I had my own show several months...
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    Host Coaching Partnering w/your Hostess by Steve Wiltshire - opinions?

    Hi All! At National Conference this year, I attended a seminar by Lynn Wiltshire on Host-coaching. The seminar sparked my interest in the book/cd combo "Partnering with your Hostess: Pathways to Recruiting Success", but I didn't get it at conference. I am now considering ordering direct...