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    Anyone from the UK use this site

    :) Anyone from the UK use this site I think it is the most valuable site i have used in ages. I get ups and downs like everyone at at this moment in time on a real down :( all my parties for January cancelled and so i'm putting all my efforts into a Mystery Host Show in February for the Launch...
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    A Big Thank You

    :) I would like to say a big thank you for all your hints and tips you have put forward for the likes of Theme Shows, Flyers and all your ideas you have passed on. I'm a consultant in the uk and before i found this site i struggled with bookings and sales. This month so far i have done 3 shows...
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    Ham cheese croissant bake !!!

    :) I've seen you write about ham and cheese croissant bake, I searched for it and it only has weight watcher points...thats great but no recipe. Can some one let me know it. Thank you
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    Bookings Had a wonderful September

    :( I had 8 shows booked for Sptember by mid August and eventually 1 by 1 they all seem to cancel, no ones interested, Can't get people to come ... I have even tried your approach a be a personal secretary to try and get them in. My last one to phone, yeaterday, to say she will have to cancel...
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    Theme Show Help me please

    These theme nights are a great idea. I would like it if anyone can give me the step by step guide on how to do a theme night. I've been to 6 parties and they are basically the same and i've been doing this since May '05 but have never achieved a bonus yet. I thought maybe a theme party will go...