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    5 Leads From Tonight's Show!!

    Thanks for sharing. I love to check out all the great Ideas we have! :D
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    Girl Scout Fundraiser

    Girl Scout Fundraisers The Trick is.... I've been in GS for 9 years and have done 2 fund raiser shows. The last few years. The thing is that the GS does not support other companies or products and that is why the "Girls" can not do this as a fund raiser. The way to get around it, is a "MOM"...
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    Nervous for My First Show: Tips to Ease the Anxiety

    Have you done any shows and what month is your super starter month. I say this because if this is your first month and haven't done any shows you could requestion from field services to change your 1st month to september. I had a consultant just sign and put august and we had it changed to...
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    New Consultant Rose Poem

    At our cluster meetings a rose is presented to a new consultant and the poem is read (by memory) and we welcome her/him to the group. It is really special.
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    soExcited-Have to Share

    I'm with Becky too, my first thought was to recruite the guy. It doesn't hurt to ask.
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    Monthly Host and Guest Specials: Color Copies?

    I find although it looks great in color, most people don't pay attention to it. I only have it in the booking binder and may color copy it for a host if it's that great and I want the attention drawn to it. Other then that I show it when I go through the booking binder.
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    New Rectangle Basket!!!

    I just got home and they were waiting for me! There great!
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    soExcited-Have to Share

    Awesome Angela! I haven't quite made it that high on a show yet. Keep up the great work. :)
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    What Else Can I Do?

    That was strange. A Kit-naper in progress, if she hasn't done anything. O well hopefully your director can find something out. Good luck and great sales. The fall should get better with all the new items.
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    Generate More September Bookings: Help Needed!

    That is a great flyer, thanks for sharing.
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    Easy Accent Decorator

    That's awesome Diane. I'm glad it was great. You just got to love those responses! :)
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    I Had My First Show!!!

    Donna that was a great show! Like the other ladies said always focus on the positive. You had a lot of positives! Good going!
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    Question About Making Outside Order Form

    I like it. I think it will work great. :D
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    Catalog Index F/W 2005

    Thanks that looks great! you put a lot of time and work into it. Thanks again for sharing. ;)
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    Prize Drawing Slips

    Well I think Tom Manson should have a spot at national cofernece for Fundraising activities and how to make the most of it. If we can get it up to 40-50% we would have more business in the school market. I'd sign up for it.
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    Tasty Veggie Dips for Show-Stopping Dishes

    Go buy the premake dill dip or one of those and show the vegs cut with the crinkle cutter and then mention the dip could be one of the farmers market seasonings, dill seasoning or for a spicy flare use the south western seasoning. Tell them you didn't have it on hand this time, but they are...
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    Past Host Discount Question.

    When all else fails call customer service. I have done this on a few of the tough ones and they have found it for me. They have seen it all. :)
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    Question About Making Outside Order Form

    I know we love the color and everything, but I find the PC order form great to use. It's lower in cost to copy and you know Most of the people at my shows don't even pay attention to the special pictures or the fact that they are in color. I would rather spend the money on other thinks, like...
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    Help Needed: Italian Stuffed Calzone Recipe

    I made it when it first came out and did it for my open house. I don't usually modify anything. It did have a thick crust on the ends and I think it looked almost like the piture. I remember making one and not pressing the seems well and it leaked in my oven. Sorry no magic words on this...
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    I Got My Cons. # Today!!!!

    Congratulations! I know how excited you are, I just got a copy of the letter sent to my new recruite with her info (minus the password). I was so excited for her! I would have called her but she is out of time till monday!. Good Luck and we'll all here for you! :)
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    August Discontinued Products

    I have not seen anything not available while being discontinued and I'm coming up to the 4 year mark. Have never had a problem getting them. They would notify us if that were to happen.
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    Easy Accent Decorator

    The one will not work with the old. THere was problems with the old with the ring and threads. So they revised it and made it better. I know others have given a 10-20% discount to replace it as a good jesture. It's up to you, but she does need to purchase a new one. The replacement parts...
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    Considering Becoming a Pc Consultant...

    I'm with everyone else congrats and welcome to the family. Your going to love it! :)
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    Entering Orders w/o Shows & Quick Games for Fundraisers

    :) you put it in the same as adding a show but instead of kitchen or catalog show you select individual order. It will be the higher tax rate. It will be shipped to that person directly unless you change the address.
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    Italian Charm Braclet!!!!

    This is a promotion for this year thru October, Have 2 shows in a month and receive the braclet and with 2 shows every month you get a new charm to add to it. It started in January and your director will have the charms each month you earned it. Congrats. :)
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    Reporting Income From Pampered Chef on Your Taxes?

    Super stater products and kit items count as income on the 1099, but you can also write them off as a business expense, since you are using them as one. If you host a show and keep the free things from that then you will not see an item for that on your 1099.
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    Tracking Fundraiser Website Orders for Student Reward Credit

    I haven't tried it, but is there a comment section? You should go and do a sample order and see what it does. You can then delete it. ;)
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    Reporting Income From Pampered Chef on Your Taxes?

    Also becky is right on the money for expenses. I was talking with a person today that is planning to sign and we were visiting at the ZOO. Well My mileage and lunch are now a business expense, oh the parking too. Any time you do business, it's an expense. She is going to visit out of state...