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    Do Hosts Get the 20% Off?

    I am entering my Sept. orders and I have a question... Does the host get an extra 20% off the 60% off monthly host special for the stoneware? I think I read it wrong b/c it didn't automatically do it in PP. I thought that they were able to get the Monthly Host Special of 60% off and then...
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    Pampered Partner Help

    Pantry Items Sometimes I am off a couple of cents b/c I am hurrying at the show and food is not taxed in my state, and I end up adding the total and taxing the food by mistake.. This often leads to a 30 cents or so discrepancy.. when I enter the order at home on PP then I realize I didn't do...
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    Hey Everyone! Question for You Guys...i Just Earned Ss2 Which Came

    Got It!!! Thanks so much for all the advice on using the US&G. I used it at my show yesterday, and I worked it!!.. ;) The best advice I've gotten that really did the trick is to not apply too much pressure, let the US&G do it. I was soooo happy I was able to take this out of the drawer and...
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    Apps W/ Starter Kit..

    Season's Best S/S 05 The recipe is in there and quite delish. Big hit at shows. If you don't have the Season's Best, send me a private message and I will type it out for you.
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    Spring/Summer Catalogs?

    Clear Door Bags Just wondering... are the clear door bags the "bags" that is on the supply order that come in a pack of 50?? :confused: I've always wondered what kind of bags PC offered. If not, are you buying the ones from Nancy's Artwork?? The ones offered from PC are so much cheaper...
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    Help! Finding the Perfect Brunch Recipe for a Friend

    Thanks My host and I settled on the Lemon Pepper Crab Canapes and the Mediterranean Hummus Squares. Thanks for all the advice. Sandra - I will have to take you up on the offer really soon! I can't keep buying this stuff for each show~ I need to EARN, baby!! Talk to you soon!
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    Hey Everyone! Question for You Guys...i Just Earned Ss2 Which Came

    Thanks Thank you soooo much for the tips.. you've explained it clearer than I have ever heard (or read!) I will definitely get my bag o' taters tomorrow!!
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    Help! Finding the Perfect Brunch Recipe for a Friend

    Thanks.. Beth, thanks a bunch for the recipe, I know she doesn't eat pork, but I'll try to substitute with a turkey ham.. The Ham & Cheddar Croissant Bake sounds good, but I don't have the pots to cook the veggies! Thanks for the suggestion though!
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    Recipe Books Stolen! Need Recipe

    Rellenos?? Don't know the recipe, but it might help with this spelling~spanish~rellenos
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    Help! Finding the Perfect Brunch Recipe for a Friend

    Ham Florentine Wreath?? Name sounds good, but I don't have the cookbook. what's in it??
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    Hey Everyone! Question for You Guys...i Just Earned Ss2 Which Came

    All Thumbs!!! No matter how many things I read, I just can't seem to learn how to use the US&G.. I tried a tomato and it all just mushed up (should it be really firm), I tried cheese but it kept falling out of the prongs... I feel jealous that all of you are having fun with it, and I can't seem...
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    E-Mail Vs Telephone

    Feels Safe I think we all love email so much b/c it makes us feel safe...but I must agree, host coaching is best on the phone...you break through the barrier...email makes you "feel" like you know someone, but once you have had phone convo's you truly make a connection... Think of how nervous...
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    Help! Finding the Perfect Brunch Recipe for a Friend

    I have a brunch show on Friday for a long-time good friend of mine... but its driving me crazy!! Here's the situation: I usually offer one recipe in each category to avoid the "catering" idea, so my brunch for this month is the Apricot Almond Twist (from the All the Best Cookbook) I made it...
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    Has Anyone Had This Happen ??

    Pampered Partner Whenever I have gotten an outside order on my website, it states I still have to enter it in Pampered Partner...D. Patel, you said we don't have to do anything with the computer. How does this work then?
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    Hello. I'm Looking for Any New, Fun, Exciting Games That We Can Play

    Party Plan Network There is a site that I know that also gives about 100 games to use at Shows. Try partyplannetwork.com, you might find some you like. I used the Family Fued one (modified bit for a couples show) and it was a hit!
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    Beware of Misleading Fundraiser Ordering on Website

    New might help I am so sorry to hear this happened, and more sorry that customers are a little teed off with PC b/c it is really such a good company. Maybe the new way ( I think it was like this before) might help to preventing this from happening again.. where it says enter your host's...
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    What Does "Qualifying" Mean?

    Definition The definition of "qualifying" was explained to me like this: PC gives us the kit, and 3 months (actually like 4 due to the whole Super Starter month 1 being the month you signed, plus your actual first month) and we give them 4 shows $150 or a cumulative guest sales of $1250...
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    Ok Hostess Is Excited About 3-4 People Coming to Show!

    Another angle It might be too late for this show, but another way to encourage hosts to book large is to let them know that guests often feel comfortable when there are more people at the Show. They definitely feel less pressure to do the obligatory purchase, because they are getting "lost in...
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    Help..catalog Show

    Only $150- I believe that regardless of its a kitchen or catalog show, you only need $150 in sales (excluding the host's order) for it to be a "Show". The catalog show hosts begins her benefits at $150 in guest sales, but only gets the 15% off, no free, or half off products. You qualify...
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    Build It Big!" - Must-Have Tips from the Top Direct Sellers in the Country

    Excited! I found out about it online also while looking up the Pampered Chef book. This book was like my own little National Conference (didn't go~was in labor :eek: )!!! I am sooo psyched about my business after reading this book!
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    theNo Show Show (Vent & Asking for Advice)

    Misunderstood When I said I turn it into a catalog show, I meant focus on getting outside orders and not do the demo..it would still be "counted" as a Kitchen Show.. by no means would I take away her $15!!! That's just wrong!!!
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    Build It Big!" - Must-Have Tips from the Top Direct Sellers in the Country

    I just bought this book (Build It Big!!) from Barnes & Noble and it an absolute must have!!!! The Direct Selling Women's Alliance published this book compiled of tips from the top direct sellers in the country!! Christie Northup ( The LemonAid Lady) even has her stuff in there!! It is great...
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    Help With Bookings

    High Cost Products You can weave it in while your doing your intro.. talk about the order form etc and then you can say "If during the show you come across something you really want, but just can't afford right now, maybe you could think about hosting your own show! Hosting gives you the...
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    My Show Surprises with $918 in Comm. Sales!

    Awesome!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is an excellent show!! GOOD JOB! I need some of that to rub off on me!! All the best!!!
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    theNo Show Show (Vent & Asking for Advice)

    Letter?? I saw a letter on this site that I use and I think it is in recent postings. It bascially has a line that states something like " Although my job is fun it is also my means of income, etc"..it is for cancellations, but maybe you could add on something about attendance expecations in...
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    Garlic Press and Lemon Zestor

    Zester I used to have trouble with it, and I found that if you press too hard, it doesn't work well, its more like a glide from top to bottom.. This tip may not help you much written, because its hard to visualize what I am saying... Maybe the garlic was really big? The press is really easy...
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    Good Housekeeping Magazine - May 2005

    Links are available Another consultant found the link to the GH site with the article. I think it is in the Increasing Sales category...
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    Gastric Bypass Recipes Needed

    Maybe salads??? You consultants really get out there!!! A whole group of people who has had gastric bypass surgery?? Wow! Okay, seriously, I guess the Summer Cobb Salad, or the Touchdown Taco Dip would be good (oh, but they can't have flour..hmm, what would they dip..I don't think corn chips...
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    Need Feedback for Fall Recipe Selections

    I agree Sorry to say, I don't give choices... I have one type of each that I make for the month (appetizer, dessert or main). I cannot do the catering thing...more power to you though!!! I do like the whole thing you got going though with the flyer...and the letter rocks!!! Thanks for the...
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    Overcoming Fear & Maintaining Motivation in Sales

    Your Heart Tug We did a little excercise in our Cluster Meeting about why we really are doing PC. My hospitality director had a gift box, wrapped and said it represented the business... you take off the bow, (maybe extra money) the wrapping (earn products), and open the box (maybe the...