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    Mobile Payment Fob

    Yes the credit card reader.
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    Mobile Payment Fob

    I got an email awhile back and I deleted it.
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    How do I change my username on here? I want to change it to azparties

    How do I change my username on here? I want to change it to azparties
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    Mobile Payment Fob

    Did anyone hear more about the mobile payment fob like the square?
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    Catalog in Pdf Form?

    Thank you very much :D I hope they do the next catalog too
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    Catalog in Pdf Form?

    Does anyone have a digital copy of the catalog I can keep on my iPad for offline viewing? I was hoping someone would have one. Thanks
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    Learning From Mistakes

    WOW, we invited 150 people for a Grilled Chicken and Chocolate-Caramel Pecan Cake show and only 1 guest showed up on 9/11. I love that many people RSVP'd, but I did get 2 shows, one from the host and the other from the only guest. LMAO. Will try again with the same host in 2 weeks and try again...
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    Rant I Caught the Babysitter ...

    :rolleyes: WOW, I had a Cooking Show at a relatives and after which the kids and adults had a fun time throwing balls and other item in the house at each other. The kids and guests broke about 5 different items including the hosts wedding picture frame, PartyLite candle holders and they even...
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    Need Help - No Micro, Cinco De Mayo Theme

    OMG, I had a wonderful Cinco de Mayo receipe I did for a work PotLuck. I used the receipe for The Quesadilla Cups with Nectarine Salsa, but I exchanged the nectarine for mango and change some of the spices around and it was a solid HIT. -Mike
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    Lost Guests Attention at Show...

    ummm, sounds like a great idea. I will have to try that next time. Maybe the Bamboo Spoons, measuring spoons/cups and other safe items. Thanks -Mike
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    Lost Guests Attention at Show...

    I had a show recently and it was going great, we made Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cakes. In the middle of the show the hosts kids came running in and got 100% of the attention execpt for the guests that I asked to volunteer for the recipe. I wasn't able to regain their attention but still got a...
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    Supply Item Replacement Questions

    I purchased a supply item for a guest and they ordered the wrong size, can I return the wrong one and have it replaced? Also I originally was a consultant and got removed and added back, but need to replace my original Santuku Knife as it broke, lol. i tried having it replaced but I can't...