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    Baby's First Christmas

    Baby shower cake Hi. I haven't personally made this, yet (and don't own the set yet!) but I've been told you can use the cake pan set with the checkerboard insert to make a cute baby shower cake. You use a regular plain/vanilla cake recipe and you can put food coloring the in the batter...
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    Guest Specials Appear After Pampered Partner Update

    Thank you. That makes sense. I thought it looked like the October deal on stoneware....but i didn't put it all together that it has to do with the those affected by the hurricanes. And I'm in Texas....you'd think I would have figured it out! Thanks for clearing that up...
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    Guest Specials Appear After Pampered Partner Update

    Hi. I updated my Pampered Partner software for November last week. When I recently began entering a catalog show, I noticed several items listed as "guest specials" and "host specials" that appear to be discounts on various pieces of stoneware. I don't know anything about a guest or host...
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    Terrible Show

    Thanks for info Pampered 1224 and others...thanks for the clarification about the past host booking benefit/guest sales/comm sales, etc. As always this site is so helpful! Also, just to clarify: I just wanted to offer up a different perspective about chatty guests but hope I didn't...
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    Gingerbread House Molds

    Hi all. Not sure where to post this, but it's about a product. I think it's discontinued.... I have been a consultant for 4 mos. I have a client who would like to somehow purchase another gingerbread house mold (?). She knows they don't make them anymore but thought there might have been a...
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    Terrible Show

    Thanks Chrysa Yes, I agree. That's what I was trying to get at but you said it so well. We are guests in their home. Keep it light and have fun. I think everyone will feel more comfortable that way. And hopefully sales will be better. Or, in your case--4 bookings! Sounds great to me...
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    Terrible Show

    Hi. I began consulting with Pampered Chef in June and have only done a few shows. But I just wanted to join the conversation about the "unruly guests." As a middle school teacher of 9 years, I have had times where I can tell the kids are "checking out" and I adjust my lesson plan mid-class...
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    Consultant Sign-On Bonus

    I'm new to the Pampered Chef and have appreciated this website as a resource. The subject of a promo or bonus for new consultants has me wondering.....if my first ss month is June but I signed up and got my starter kit in May, does that mean no promo for me? I know it seems kind of silly, but...