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  1. purrbal

    Recipe Idea for Party in a Hair Salon

    Another idea with this... you could use the apple corer and hallow out center and create fun cream centers or ice cream in center use the decorator to fill them with fun stuff ...
  2. purrbal

    Recipes for Busy Single Moms

    I love this recipe too! When I don't have time to run to store I also sub in canned tomatoes (shortens time too), Plus I've used greek seasoning in place of the fresh basil. Nice to have alternatives when short on time or fresh ingredients.
  3. purrbal

    My Very First Recruit

    Thank you for the pep talk and pointing me in the right direction for things to review and possibly utilize. Thanks a bunch!:love:
  4. purrbal

    My Very First Recruit

    In the end I think I am just really nervous and it will all work out just trying to get some good ideas so I can go in prepared for the most part.
  5. purrbal

    My Very First Recruit

    Okay YEAH Me! But in some ways I'm scared to screw it up. LOL I know sounds silly, I know ask your director for help. Funny story there she's recently decided she is going back to school to get her teacher certificate. I want to go to our show closing looking very organized and ready to help...
  6. purrbal

    Kit or Mini-Kit?

    I'm sure many have stated this already but you'll find that having the multiples will benefit you for your house vs kit, it gets old packing up for each show from stuff you use, it is well worth it to have stuff for kitchen and kit.
  7. purrbal

    Kit Credit Question

    I was told when I called that they have the 6 month's to use it and if they didn't they lose it but they can call and opt out before time is up and get merchandise if they so choose not to sign up after all. Plus they can sign up under anyone they want they do not have to sign up under you.
  8. purrbal

    August/Sept/Oct Specials

    I agree can we get one in Word... the one in post #30 is not the same document as the PDF I love the tool turn about focus on the PDF version ... any chance you can post up that version in Word, pretty please. :love:
  9. purrbal

    What I Learned From My 1St Bridal Shower.

    Entering on Pampered Partner Plus In PPPlus wouldn't you make the bride a guest entry and if your using the bride/personal order form you know how much each guest should be charged total, then entering you just put their stuff on their personal order, the items for bride on her entry and then...
  10. purrbal

    What Does Your Hostess Packet Look Like?

    Do you have coordinating check off lists you follow when doing your host coaching?
  11. purrbal

    How Do You Work Your Fundraisers?

    Those of you that up the per booking $$ do you guys give one check to the organization at the end or as they hold their shows or before the shows are held.
  12. purrbal

    Grilled Chicken Penne Al Fresco

    I tried this tonight and LOVED IT now I omitted the wine and I didn't substitute extra chicken broth and I had very little liquid left. I did let it set before we ate and there was NO liquid when we served it up. I used the entire package of pasta, which was whole wheat. I didn't have the fresh...
  13. purrbal

    Microwave Cake Recipe

    Anyone use fruit in addition to the soda in their microwave cake?
  14. purrbal

    Urgent Product Help

    Thanks, that might be what she was asking me about. I will start there. Thanks again.
  15. purrbal

    Urgent Product Help

    Have we ever had a thingy that pours out pancakes? Client is asking so quick response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone.
  16. purrbal

    Trying a New Theme, Disliked Products

    LOL I was adding in about the DBS when you responded to my post ...great minds!
  17. purrbal

    Trying a New Theme, Disliked Products

    I think you should sour cream in the EAD for them to squirt on thier serving -or- the Decorate Bottle Set
  18. purrbal

    *Pc Product You Have Never Sold?*

    I made teriyaki chicken the other night and I seasoned first with the Asian seasoning and used lemon olive oil I got in Coeur d'Alene then poured some sauce over the top and it added a wonderful layer of flavor that had I not used it would have been sorely missed. ;) It added some heat.
  19. purrbal

    Babysitting - What's the Going Rate?

    Right I consider daycare/nanny's completely different to a babysitter watching the kids for errands/evening out for date night or a show.
  20. purrbal

    Babysitting - What's the Going Rate?

    my two cents I know people have said "back when they babysat" but I think we are mostly talking about kids watching kids in this topic and I know the cost of things go up but I think in regards to babysitting for teens the costs should probably stay similar to what you got paid as a teen. When...
  21. purrbal

    Ever Feel Like Your Director Doesn't Really Care?

    I really like my director she is very sweet. I have felt on occasion that she hasn't supported me in areas that I was unsure of but nothing like what you have dealt with. I recently did a open house show for her that I thought was a referral off her show but it was actual a referral off the...
  22. purrbal

    $620 Away From 100 Pc Dollars... Help!

    What about flyers to your neighbors? Letting them know you are now doing Pampered Chef and trying to get your business of the ground with a bang, would they possibly be interested in helping you out holding a show or put in an order because you have two shows coming up ...
  23. purrbal

    Follow-Up to Adult Cakes in Prep Bowls

    Thank you very much!
  24. purrbal

    Follow-Up to Adult Cakes in Prep Bowls

    Thank you Thanks you're a peach!
  25. purrbal

    Pampering Your Fed Ex Person!!

    Wow WOW Deb you are lucky girl mine NEVER rings I just check often and STILL never see the person, occasionally I see the back side getting back on the FedEX truck but most times nothing. Heck I see more of my UPS man than the fedEX person. :eek:
  26. purrbal

    Follow-Up to Adult Cakes in Prep Bowls

    Hey Lindsay what was your recipe for the jello shooters?
  27. purrbal

    She's Gone............. :(

    May you find peace in this time of sorrow.
  28. purrbal

    (Long)Angry Miserable Customer Nasty Nasty Nasty

    Well said Nanisu! I whole heartedly agree, some people really do like to be mad. Bless her little heart for caring so much for her daughter that she protectively stood up for her. :angel: IF she truly didn't get your phone message, she obviously didn't get the email due to the bounce back...
  29. purrbal

    Happy Easter Everyone

  30. purrbal

    I Forget...

    Congrats Kelly round... funny! I too was surprised to see your preggers countdown pop up on your siggy. Congrats Kel! My boy, my first pregnancy was so overwhelming to me, I had hypertension issues which I think were really blown out of proportion and yes I had breathing issues. Which...