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    How Do You Know if a Kiwi Is Ripe or Not?

    Not sure, other than what you already know, but... ...Just an FYI...Kiwi is something that some people are allergic to. My son is. ;)
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    Bad Luck With Hosts

    I hear you... The last person that was supposed to have a catalogue sale with me was sooo hard to get a hold of....I'd ask her "Is this a good time...?" No, she would tell me. Finally, she hung up on me...twice!!! (The 1st time I *knew* she did, but I tried again, to give her the benfit of...
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    Where to Find Them1. Check in Your Local and Free Papers.2. Check

    Another tip or 2.....your set up... When you set up your booth/table try "grouping" like things together.... All the baking stuff together...ie/ the batter bowl and a scraper...and the whisk, measure all, measuring spoons and cup and a stoneware piece. Place all the 'pzza' stuff...
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    Tell Me Why........?

    I'm in my 3rd month of P.C.. I keep hearing how wonderful National Conference is......how EVERYONE should go!! What I want to know is...why.....why is it so great...?? What will I come away with?? Will there be tips on how to increase sales and bookings? What kinds of things will I Learn...
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    Desperate Housewives Theme Anyone???

    OK, what about..... OK, what about doing some trivia...about the characters of the show. Each guest to answer correctly gets a point...the one with the most points at the end of the show gets a prize??? Ok....lets keep the ideas coming....we are just warming up!!! :)
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    Desperate Housewives Theme Anyone???

    I've been trying (with little success) to come up with a D.H. Theme Show....Does anyone have any ideas???? Please?? :(
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    Rice Cooker Plus

    Recent Article in "Oganic Style" Magazine... ..Talks about the dangers of using plastic in the microwave....and plastic used for storing food etc. VERY interesting..... *I* personally agree that plastic leaches carcinogens into our food....I don't use the Micro Cooker Plus. :(
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    Cake Tester/Bake Sale Idea for You....

    If your school is having a bake sale type thing, here is an idea you can use!! Take the Cake Tester and put Gummy Worms and other such things on it (like a skewer)...and you have a candy shish-kabob!! Not only are you the hero of the class moms...because you had this brilliant idea...
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    Do You Do a Newsletter??

    I'm just wondering if anyone does a newsletter on a regular basis...?? Even if you don't, do you have an opinion/some ideas on the following questions? Do you think that they are useful?? What kinds of things do you/would you include? Do you (or ever thought about) doing a newsletter...
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    Attn Canadian Consultants!!

    Thanks for the heads up!!!! :)
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    Chilzanne Ideas??

    Couple more ideas!! It would be great for tea sandwiches (like egg salad, or ham salad!) for a shower or potluck or picnic!! How about putting rolled up cold cuts in it, again great for a potluck! A cheese platter!!???? What about some squares??
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    Anyone in Canada

    :) Me tooooo!! I'm from Canada, that is!! I recognise a few of you!!! Esther...from TP Land!!! Jodi....from the other PC board! I'm still searching for Kelly though!! :p I've been doing PC since February....it's been pretty slow for me the past couple of months...I've gone...
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    Chillzanne to Go

    Umm, may I ask...what is the "Chillzanne to Go"??? I assume it's an American thing....but I'm curious to know what it is!! :) Thanks!