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    Hey Chefs!! How Old Are You??

    Ageless I am 38 but in my mind I feel much younger. I am a wife, mother of two great kids(dont we all say that) age 8 and 5 and we are going for custody of a third. We are fosterparents to my sisters children. I have been blessed with very supportive husband/cheerleader. Pampered chef allows...
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    Tell Me How You Like Chefsuccess.com

    You rock!! This place is great! I have learned so much. Just reading these postings has really revieved my passion for the business. It is so great to see so many people partcipating. Cant wait to perhaps meet some of you at National Conference. My husband and I will be there during the...
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    Members Where Do You Live?

    I live in Sioux Falls, SD -come visit us on the way to Mt Rushmore!
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    Help!!Really Want to Sell Pc ....

    Small town jack pots Some of the top sales people in Pampered Chef come from very small towns. I agree with doing the open house. Parties like Pampered Chef provide a great way to socialize in small towns. Just remember to have fun and keep it simple. You will never know if you do not try...
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    Spring/Summer Sample Products

    I was told by several sucessful consultant say that use the tool that works the best, your catalog, now your catalog, where the products are and talk about them. Only take the tools you need for the recipe and talk about the rest. Better still get yourguest to talk about them. If you yourself...
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    Any South Beach Diet Recipe's

    Its Good For You Depending on the type of show the hostess wants you can check out the Its Good For You cookbook from The Pampered Chef. If you are not familiar with the SouthBeach Diet it is low carb high protein diet. It works well to drop weight quickly. The new chicken curry recripe...
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    I Need Some Encouragement

    You will be great I have been a consultant for four years. I have never had anyone say anything negative about our products. However how long and how much you stay busy depends on how much you put into it. This is a business, ask everyone with a pulse to either allow you to have a show for...