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    What Games Do You Play at Your Shows?

    bingo I pass out a blank bingo card and have the guests fill it with their favorite products. Then if I talk about that product during the presentation they can put an "x" through that square. The first to get bingo wins! I also do "Queen of the Shopper" and I did the memory game with the...
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    Advice About Ordering New Summer Products

    I didn't order the sample pack when I joined in October, but I already had a lot of stuff. I would just make sure to look through the list and make sure everything in it is something you'd like or could give as a gift.
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    Staying/Looking Cool at a Show

    staying cool Luckily since I live in Florida air conditioning is a must...still when the room is full of people and the lights are on etc. I do get hot. I usually wear capris, a white tshirt, my apron and sandals (again, pretty much the norm here). I agree that wearing your hair back is a...
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    Hosting Own Cooking Show

    had my show Well I had my show today and had 8 people show up, two people order online, and I have a couple of more people who are going to place orders. Most people stayed under $50 so I am thinking it will end up being between $400 and $500. I do much better when I give an actual cooking...
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    Bundt Cake Stoneware

    try to borrow I agree, try to borrow one from your director or anyone for that matter. I borrowed one a couple of days ago and have made 2 cakes (one to test it on my family and one for my demonstration at my open house today). They both came out perfect and the frosting on the bottom of the...
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    Molten Lava Chocolate Cake - Rice Cooker Recipe

    I tried the cake in the rice cooker and it worked but was pretty messy looking. My director told me to do it in the fluted pan instead. It is more expensive so you can make more of a profit. I will probably talk about both ways to do it and let the customer decide. I did make a cake tonight...
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    Hosting Own Cooking Show

    RSVPing pet peeve I'm having an mystery hostess open house tomorrow at my house. I've only had about 7 or 8 people say they are coming by for sure, and just so many that haven't responded at all. It really ticks me off the way people don't RSVP anymore. This is true for me for my children's...
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    You Might Be a Redneck If........

    another street name Close to my house there is a Lands End.
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    Fourth of July Recipes

    I'd really like to get some 4th of July/Patriotic recipes that aren't the same dessert ones that are posted over and over again. Any ideas? We're having the show on Flag Day, June 14th, but it would be great to promote the 4th with the new products etc. and give the guests some great ideas for...
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    Sad Host

    e-vites You should definitely get her to send out e-vites. She'll get replies for sure. Do you have a PC website? Even if you don't the website, I think it is actually called E-vites, is free. If you know anyone who lives in her area and has been asking about shows, you could invite them to...
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    Sip & Dip Ideas

    oops I just realized that I included the hosts names. You'll see that I used it twice already since there are two names in the attachment! No last names, I just didn't want you to think I'd forgotten who my hosts were.
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    Sip & Dip Ideas

    sips n dips show ideas for you I have a sips and dips party outline that I will try to attach for you. I am having my third sips and dips party this weekend. People love these recipes. One idea I am trying this time around is to print a card to display with the recipe that has the cookbook I...
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    No Flipping Required!!

    pancakes on stoneware I made pancakes on my bar pan the other day. The tops never turned brown, but they were cooked all the way through. It was kind of difficult getting them off. I just did it this way because the griddle I have is just in terrible shape (NOT PC).
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    Help Whip Cancer Cake?

    Is there any other stone I could make this in? Could I use the old stoneware bowl even though it isn't available until I get a fluted pan? What do you think?
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    Bridal Shop Advertising

    Has anyone ever asked a bridal/tuxedo shop or a floral shop to put a catalog/flyer in their establishment specifically to put the idea of a PC bridal shower in the customers head? Do you think those places would be open to that idea since it isn't competing with them in anyway? In general does...
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    Just Starting Pc and Love It

    I have my first show on Oct. 4th. It is a Desperate Housewives themed show and I am pretty excited. In fact it is 3:30 in the morning and I just can't sleep! Does anyone have any suggestions for promoting products I don't have? Also, I have a lot of PC stuff, but some of it is over 10 years...
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    Desperate Housewives Theme Anyone???

    recipes for Desperate Housewives party Becky, Where could I get a copy of those DH recipes you mentioned on Chris Manion's site? I tried to google that name but came up with some other consultants sight. Thanks Amanda
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    Theme Show Binder

    baked brie for desperate housewives party Pam, What is the recipe for the apricot baked brie? Amanda
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    Need Egg and Milk Free Recipes

    Rita, That is a good idea. Thanks. Amanda
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    Need Egg and Milk Free Recipes

    Does anyone have any good recipes I could make for a kids in the kitchen theme show at the home of a little boy who can't have eggs or milk? I want to have a Tricks but more TREATS Kids in the Kitchen party. Amanda
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    First Pc Show!

    question about booking ballon idea I am working on preparing my first show and am planning a mystery host show. I am curious about what you put in the balloons. I am planning to do the riddle game as well. Any other good mystery games?