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    $1000.00 Mystery Host

    Another Mystery Host letter Be careful of the amounts, I submit as catalog and hosts do not receive extra $15 hospitality. Include what the host bonus is as well! Angie
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    Ideas for How to Get Catalog Shows

    Mystery Host letter (finally!) Sorry it took me so long to get back! Please feel free to use this anyway you wish. Let me know how you all do with the idea! Angie
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    Hi, I'm New to This Forum and I Was Wondering if Anyone Would Be

    Letter & Flyer I used the Kitchen Show Fund-raiser flyer downloaded from PC.com, here's the letter I put together. Feel free to use it however you wish!
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    Ideas for How to Get Catalog Shows

    $1000 show letter I have a copy saved on my other computer, will send it over, hopefully by the weekend! Check back by Monday (May 30th)! PCnVA
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    Hi, I'm New to This Forum and I Was Wondering if Anyone Would Be

    Sending out letters... I posted this idea somewhere else, but I have a hard time finding where I've already been! I just sent out letters to churches in my town with the fund-raiser flyer and a letter. I sent them attention Women's Ministries, I'm going to keep going by trying to find other...
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    Pc Ever Reject an Organization for Anyone??

    How do you enter the organization? How and where do you enter who the check will be mailed to?
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    Light Recipes for Fundraiser

    How about Weight Watchers? I've just joined WW and was wondering how to approach doing a show for the group? I was thinking about demoing some of their recipes instead of ours, or maybe adapting some of ours. I also thought I'd do something like the balloon pop for booking shows but not only...
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    Relay for Life Fundraiser

    Host Benefits for Fund-raiser I understand that the host,or Chairperson(check the box on PP to designate someone chairperson) can order the host bonus and anything else they want but gets no other benefits. That's how I got a HWC show, the lady wanted the Quick Stir Pitcher for $6.25 so she...
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    Help Finding Fundraisers

    How I used the flyer... I just put 6 letters in the mail with the Fund-raiser flyer and a short letter to the churches in my town. I sent them attention Women's Ministries. Since I don't know the Directors of Women's Ministries should I try to follow up with calls? How would you guys go...
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    Members Where Do You Live?

    :) Broadway, Va in the heart of the Shennandoah Valley, GO GOBBLERS! PCnVA
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    Welcome Letters

    Invite them to over to meet and greet I once tried that approach when I moved into a new neighborhood and got no response out of about 20 flyers. Another alternative would be to invite both old and new neighbors to your place for a meet and greet. Not only could you get a kitchen show in for...
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    Ideas for How to Get Catalog Shows

    $1000 catalog show idea This idea was sent to me through my director, (I think!) I just had my second child in Feb and had planned on doing this for March but waited too long and didn't get it out in time. What you do is send a letter to, say 10, of your customers and/or past hosts...
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    Wedding Consultants Letter

    Love the index card idea! :) Just joined and can't wait to utilize some of these ideas at my own shows! The index card book for brides is my first one to implement, Thanks to all who share their tips on success!