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    What Should My Commission Be?

    I just submitted a fundraiser for 1400. What do you think my commission would be. I have already submitted $600 this month. I'm soo excited I'm gonna get some free fall product. Please tell me fundraiser sales also count towards our free fall product. Thanks so much Licia
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    Target Dollar Aisle

    I saw the food chopper too. I was thinking about getting one, so that I could compare the two at shows but I didnt. I love targets dollar aisle!!! Licia
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    First Fundraiser Need Help

    Hi This is going to be my first fundraiser and I have soo many questions. I really hope that you guys can help me. First what percent does the company get for each item sold? Secondly how much commission will I make? Not that I care but just wondering. I might donate some of my commission...
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    Need Help With Website

    I just made myself a website on web assistant. I have a lady in Canada that wants to have a online show. The only problem I'm having is that she is in Canada. I'm trying to put in her info under a show so I can give her a host number, but canada isnt an option under state. Am I doing something...
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    Types of Shows

    Yes this is my first baby. She started clapping last sunday and I started crying. I think I have my husband talked into trying again in the fall. Good luck on your goals for this year. I really need to get an email out and flyers hung up. Once I get a couple of shows going I'm hoping to get...
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    Types of Shows

    I'm gonna try a valentines day show at the end of this month. Its my first themed show. I really wanted to post cuz our babies are around the same age. My daughter will be 10 months old on the 14th. I also want to earn level 1 or level 2 this year and hoping to get a few recruits under me...
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    Replacement Piece

    Thanks soo much Kristi!!! I'm assuming there is tax and shipping on that right. I'm not home right now so I cant get into pampered partner. I really appreciate the help :) Licia
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    Replacement Piece

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. Where can I find how much a replacement piece costs. One of my past hosts, guests needs the lid to the classic batter bowl. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
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    Ss1 Bonus Plus Expired Date?

    Thanks Ladies :) I have to call my host and get her party closed out by wednesday then, so I can get my free stoneware for my extra bonus. Its my last SS month and I want to make sure I get all the free stuff possible. I'm going to miss getting free stuff every month.
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    Ss1 Bonus Plus Expired Date?

    I'm confused now I thought in order to get your SS months you had to submit by the end of the month. I know you can still get the specials for november if you submit the show in december. But I thought in order to qualify for the SS months they had to be submitted in that month. Please let me...
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    Excited and Wanted to Share

    I just qualified for my third super starter month and I'm $150 away from my second plus bonus package. I already got the stripped set my next set will be the stones. I'm sooo excited. I have a show on wednesday and I'm hoping that it is over $150 in sales. I'm also bonusing this month. Okay so...
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    I Know This Isnt a Booking Question but There Are Always Alot of

    Thanks Laura :) I have been patiently waiting for it and was wondering why I got my stripped set and not my suitcase yet.
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    I Know This Isnt a Booking Question but There Are Always Alot of

    I know this isnt a booking question but there are always alot of threads under here... Has anyone else submitted $4000 in sales at the beginning of last week and still hasnt gotten their suitcase. I'm just hoping mine didnt get misplaced.
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    Whoo-Hooo! First Show !

    Congrats Congrats Heather You are off to a great start. If you keep up that way it sounds like you definitely qualify for your ss months. Lots of Luck for your future shows!!
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    Anyone Use Tickets to Win Prize?

    For my shows this month I'm planning on using tickets for guests to win a prize. I was thinking they would get tickets for bringing a friend, outside order, spending over $50, booking a show and asking any questions about my job. Then put everyones tickets in the batter bowl and draw a winner...
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    as ofLast Night I Will Get My Last Piece

    of the show to go. I'm sooo excited!!! I'm also going to be able to get the entertaining stripped set with my bonus bank..I have already received my two super starter month packages. I'm doing great with sales I just really need more bookings. I have 3 shows booked for november and one left for...
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    I Got My Plus Bonus Simple Additions Today.

    This post relates to a question I have. How does PC know what bonus you want? I'm about $200 away from getting my bonus set. Will they send me an email or does it go in the order that they are on the flyer? I cant wait to get them. I got my ss1 last week and I'm soo excited. I should be...
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    Host Specials

    I was wondering the same thing. I have a host that had two shows booked off of her and she wants two of the host specials for november. I love the host specials for november!!!
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    Bonuses on Cc?

    I qualified too :) Great job on qualifing for your SS1. I just qualified for my ss1 on sept 30th too!!! I cant wait to get my roasting pan, tool turn about tote and ss1 products... I'm soo excited. I cant wait to show these things off at my parties. I'm assuming mine should be coming in around...
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    I Qualified for Ss1

    I'm sooo excited... I should be getting my SS1 products, free roasting pan, and tool turn about tote shortly. This was my first month selling PC and my commisionable sales were $1621.16 with four parties. I have four more parties this month but I really need to get some more bookings for october...
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    Just Signed, Hello Pc Family!

    Congrats!!! I just signed in august and really love it soo far. This website has been a life savor. Good luck in your SS1. I will be submitting the rest of my shows tomorrow and should be recieving my ss1 stuff shortly. Ohh I cant wait!!!
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    Guest Wants Order Before Party..help...

    Okay I just got an email from one of my hosts who is having a party 10/7, anyways one of her guests wants to put their order in early and have it as soon as possible. So here are my questions: Will pampered partner let me start the hosts show and have the one item shipped and then put the rest...
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    Just Starting Pc and Love It

    At my last party I had a previous pc consultant and I was more nervous there then I was at my other shows. And she is one of the ones that booked a show from me. I got all tongue tied and hardly spoke about the products. But its still a learning experience for me and I make a mental note...
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    Just Starting Pc and Love It

    I just started selling PC and I'm loving it. I had my first show on Aug 23rd with a $423 total sales and than another show on Sept 16th with $460 total sales and still more orders coming in and then I had a show on Sept 19th of about $250 in sales and waiting for a couple of orders. And I still...
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    Need Help With Pampered Partner

    I'm sure that update will make a difference. I will try that as soon as I get home tonight. You guys are soo helpful. I would be lost without this website. If I have more problems I'll be posting again or emailing one of you. Thanks again :)
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    Need Help With Pampered Partner

    So last night I had to put my first party in pampered partner. Well I did great up until I tried putting a stone in. How do you get the 20% off stones. I tried putting in the G and then the numbers like our guest special says but it wouldnt bring anything up. Am I doing something wrong. All I...
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    New Consultant With Many Questions

    It worked Thanks Becky!! :)
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    New Consultant With Many Questions

    Lets see if the signature works I'm definitely closing the party by sept 30th. Hopefully as long as pampered partner doesnt give me a hard time it will be closed tonight.
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    New Consultant With Many Questions

    You guys have been a great help. I really appreciate it. The response about specials leaves me to another questions. If her show is in august she still get the august specials even if I submit in September, right? Hopefully because I'm putting it in tonight. Wish me luck with pampered partner...
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    New Consultant With Many Questions

    Thanks That does help a ton :) I really appreciate the quick response. I can get back to my host for october and let her know. She will be happy. Licia