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  1. tapatton

    I'm Depressed!!

    I hear ya! Let's see here....I think I had a whole ZERO shows and income for January!! Ya know though, when I started this "adventure" 3 1/2 years ago, I told my husband, "As long as I enjoy what I'm doing and continue to love the products, I'll continue chugging along." It's really...
  2. tapatton

    Need Help With Brunch Recipes

    yum There's one I had done for a Ladies Retreat called Confetti Egg Strata that is delicious. It's found in an old book called Classics. I did just check through CC and found tons of brunch recipes. Go to Products and Recipes and then go to a search down on the bottom left drop menu to...
  3. tapatton

    Games ?

    PC Fun I just tried PC Fun (Bingo) at my show on Tuesday and the guests really seemed to enjoy it! It broke the ice among those who didn't already know eachother. I gave them 5 minutes to complete it and whoever was either done first or had the most blanks signed got a little PC prize. I...
  4. tapatton

    Mileage in Pp

    mileage rate Does anyone know what the rate was before Sept.? I still have a default of 31.5...that just seems really low!! Thanks! April
  5. tapatton

    Got a ?

    ggrrr At my show last Saturday, the same thing happened to me. A guest was using the vanilla spreader for the Spinach Artichoke Dip and down it went, onto the tiled floor! :eek: So, I called PC and she said that it was not covered for "accidents" only for use of the product. I've been w/PC...
  6. tapatton

    Taffy Apple Pizza

    Go for it! I do the Taffy Apple quite often at shows and people LOVE it!! Like everyone has already mentioned, it shows some great products. I try to get the cookie in the oven while I set up, so it is able to cool down while I'm making the topping and cutting the apples. It seems to work...
  7. tapatton

    Please Help! Pampered Partner Update

    yay Glad it worked for you! No problem... ;) April
  8. tapatton

    Please Help! Pampered Partner Update

    ggrr If nothing else seems to work, try taking your computer off of virus scan and close out firewall protection. If you have Windows, you'll need to do the same thing. Go to Start, My computer, Security and then disable the firewall. As you see, I too have had this problem in the past. I...
  9. tapatton

    Would Like to Help Those Affected by Katrina

    great! To Janel...yup! Is that awesome or what??!! As for the letter and idea Rita! Great job. I, too am going to use that letter for all of my contacts. Thanks for the great wording and of course, inspiration for the rest of us to do something like this. God Bless and keep all! April
  10. tapatton

    Dessert Plates

    hmmm I was wondering if and when somebody was gonna comment on the Midseason products...I'm glad I'm not the only one out there that feels that they really are overpriced for something so simple. And the cakes...hmmm Who's gonna go there?? ha ha ha As to what has already been said, I do...
  11. tapatton

    Small Serving Stone (Came With Start up Kit)

    yummy dips I've had a great time with the Spinach Artichoke Dip in All the Best. Just be sure to use MAYONNAISE and not MIRACLE WHIP!! I made that mistake once when the host only had miracle whip. YUCK! There's also a spinach artichoke on Cons. Corner that you can find. Then again, there's...
  12. tapatton

    Hurricane Katrina

    prayers My church is praying as well for you and the surrounding areas being affected by Katrina. Here in NM we just don't realize the intensity it causes areas all around the storm. God keep you safe and uplifted in the days ahead!! April
  13. tapatton

    theNo Show Show (Vent & Asking for Advice)

    It happens Hey Wendy! Although it's discouraging now, your host just might pull it off. This happened to me last December. Host coaching, no problem. The day of the show came and loe and behold ONE person showed up. And it wasn't even the person she booked off of!! ha ha I tried to...
  14. tapatton

    Chat Room

    Same here. It does seem to refresh and I get excited that someone might "really" be in there!! Then, nothing... :confused: I'm beginning to take it a little personal that no-one answers!! ;) I hope to see some of you in there soon and get to know you all. Until then, April
  15. tapatton

    Need a Dip Recipe

    Pantry Seasonings What I usually do in a quick bind is just use the Pantry Seasonings...I ask my host and/or guests if they'd like to try Dill or Southwest Dip and go from there. The recipe is on the back of the jar, so it's easy to "remember". All it calls for is mayo and sour cream! How...