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    Director Laugh of the Day... Well, Kind Of!

    Just too strange! I really hope this ends very soon!
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    Director Facebook Question

    Hi all! I took Facebook training and I cannot remember if there are any restrictions on groups. Do you remember if there are any restrictions to making my Pampered Chef group public or if I need to keep it private. I think I remember it can be public, but want to make sure first. Oh, I do...
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    Director Today's Online Activity

    I LOVE those orders! Congratulations!
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    Director That You Ran Into at Conference....please Post Pics!!I Had a Class

    I saw Colleen, Carolyn, Deb, Beth and Linda. Of course I always get to see Linda (yay me!) because we are under the same NED. We get to see each other in Atlanta! Linda pointed Colleen out to me at the Director lunch. Linda also pointed out Deb to me. Linda, you know everyone! I saw...
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    Director Laugh of the Day... Well, Kind Of!

    Unless a check states differently, all checks are valid for six months after the date on the check. After that they are considered to be stale. However, I agree with checking with the customers before cashing them. I still think you are correct for not wanting to send in the show. If the...
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    Director Laugh of the Day... Well, Kind Of!

    Offer the show to your Director.
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    Director Registration Question

    Thank you for the suggestions. I actually emailed my NED last night before posting here. I have not heard back from her. Fingers and toes are crossed this works out the way we want!
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    Director Registration Question

    I tried that, but they are out of the office for National Conference. I emailed registration today, but I am just trying to find out if anyone knows anything sooner. I hope we can find out before Sunday. She just paid a big price for airfare so I am very hopeful they will still honor her...
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    Director Registration Question

    Hi all! Please let me know if you have the answer to this question. I sent it to a variety of Pampered Chef people tonight, but I do not have an answer yet and want to know if any of you know. One of the Consultants on my team was a Level 1 achiever last year, which gets her free...
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    Director Lost: 42 Pounds (No, Not Looking for It Again!)

    CONGRATULATIONS Janice! What a great accomplishment!
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    Director Career Sales

    Two month will no sales.
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    Director Laugh of the Day... Well, Kind Of!

    Have you called Pampered Chef about her yet? I gave a warning call one time when I thought someone was going to try and blame me on something that went wrong. I could see her calling to complain.
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    Director Laugh of the Day... Well, Kind Of!

    Great for you for standing your ground!
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    Director Laugh of the Day... Well, Kind Of!

    Looks good to me! If I can offer one bit of advice, please never apologize in a message like this for something like this. She should be offering you a HUGE apology! Great job by you in how you handled this situation.
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    (X-Post on Cs) How the Heck Do You Use the Pineapple Wedger ...

    I needed the laugh that just came out of me when I saw this. Thank you!
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    It's the 11Th and I'm Green --

    Awesome Janice! Congratulations!
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    Orlando Weather Forecast

    That is a very normal forecast for Orlando. A couple of things to remember. 1. Most of the storms are in the afternoon. If you do not like rain, this is a good time to go back to the room for a little rest and then go back to the parks at night for a late night. 2. Disney has lightning...
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    Director I Love My Team!

    Your team is awesome! Congratulations that all of your hard work paid off!
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    I Probably Can't Go to Conference This Year.

    Oh Deb, that is such awesome news! I am so glad for your little one and that you get to attend conference!
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    Wow! Just Saw the New Homepage! Looks Great!At First I Thought I

    I agree with you! It looks great!
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    Elite Seller <Thud>

    Congratulations - that is so AWESOME!
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    Incentive Trips

    Oh Melissa - I am so sorry for your loss. Please know you are your family are in my prayers.
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    Director Why Won’t My Family and Friends Take My Business Seriously?

    I received that email also and really like it. I will be passing it to my team!
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    Countdown to Disney

    It is on its way!
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    Countdown to Disney

    You're welcome!
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    Countdown to Disney

    Carolyn and Kristi, I just sent it.
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    Countdown to Disney

    Please send me your email address so I can send you the attachment. Also, please let me know if you need any help customizing it.
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    Countdown to Disney

    I did not earn the trip to Disney, but my family is going on vacation there in mid-June. I made a countdown to Disney calendar. My kids each have one and so does my husband. If anyone would like a copy, please let me know. You can customize it very easily.