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    My Business Is Failing..

    Thanks Jenni :) i called them and got one show and a few voice mails so i will try again tomorrow..i also got another show from friend for march. I really want this to work and i know i have to give it my all. You guys are great!
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    My Business Is Failing..

    Thanks!!! you guys are the best. You are soooo right this is supposed to be fun! And if i have fun and do my best i am sure..everyone will have fun and want to have parties with me because i enjoy what i do not because i am perfect! I mean it is a party right hehehe. I made those calls and...
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    My Business Is Failing..

    and its alllllllll my fault. When i started pampered chef in sept i thought i would be great and i was very into it. But as with all things when things get harder than i expected i started losing interest. I expected to get more help from my family but instead got none! 1 friend hosted a...
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    Help!!! Please!

    my first and only show was an open house. so thats why i am kinda stuck i really would like to try to get at least one show in this month and then i have one in dec but i want more..i wanted to go door to door but my hubby is not liking that idea at all. I have never been to hampton i am in...
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    Help!!! Please!

    I signed the contract in sept..my ss1 was oct and i had 3 shows and no bookings i have found it very hard to get any shows..i got the website and sent an email to everyone i know and have spoken to everyone! no one is interested in ordering or hosting a show..i feel so..blah! i don't know what...
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    [Color=Sienna][Font=Comic Sans Ms]I Just Set up My Website Yestderday,

    you could tell people in a seperate email that if they would like to recieve your emails to please put you on the allowed senders list with their internet programs.
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    Sorry, I Know This Really Isn't the Place for Thus, but I'm Just so

    Congrats on your twins :) so exciting. Me and my hubby are trying for our second child. Hope the time passes quickly for you!
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    First Show :)

    Hi everyone! I realized i never posted how i did for my first show. I had about 8 people come and i had $518 in commisionable sales..alot better than i expected for my first show. I am still trying to get more shows as i did get only one booking but its not until jan. I am gonna sign up...
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    Trial Newsletter

    Hey all :) I was wondering where i can get publisher? Thanks!
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    Stoneware Insipirations Cookbook Binding

    sounds like the binding is messed up.
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    Got My Kit!!!!

    When the ups guy passed i about went nuts lol. he went the long way! then when he got to me i said took you long enough ! lol..gonna be worse when i am waiting for my earned stuff! Thanks debbie :)
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    I Am Terrified of the Phone!

    Wow you guys are great this has been a fear of mine too..but you guys made it seem so simple and positive i might not be as nervous anymore..Great tips!
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    Early Tax Question

    wow i had no idea all that stuff was deductable. With the reciets do you write on the back what the food was for and stuff like that? I am just worried about keeping all these reciets and they are basically useless. Thanks for all the great info!
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    Got My Kit!!!!

    I waited allllll day...lol..never was so figgity in my life! i wanted my kit and do you know ups didn't show up until 6 pm!!! how dare they! lol hehehe I am soo happy i am gonna cook something tomorrow!
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    I Did It!

    Congrats!!!! heheh i gotta look up that book. I am still waiting for my kit i have the paperwork stuff but i really can't wait for my products! I wish you the best of luck!
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    See What Host Coaching Can Do....

    Wow that is awesome!!!! congrats on such a great show!
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    Fall Flyer

    ohh wow thats a great flyer :) could you please send it to me in word thanks sooo much. [email protected] Thanks again you did an awesome job i hope i get that creative soon hehehe. Nicole
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    I Did It :)

    Thanks debbie :) Nikki
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    Live in Marietta, Ohio 45750???

    Glad you decided to do the show for her. And your right she should become a consultant lol..she would prob get alot of business :) Nikki
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    I Did It :)

    I went to my directors house today and i got catalogs, invites, and all the reading and training material all i am waiting on is the products so i will be doing some reading tonight once my son is in bed! i am sooo excited! congrats on your new business! :)
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    I Did It :)

    I filled out the consultant agreement yesterday, got my paperwork catalogs and stuff today and now i am just waiting for the kit! i am sooo excited!!! hehehe. Thanks everyone i have learned so much and i will continue to learn more! Have a great holiday! Nikki :)
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    :) Hello Everyone My Name Is Nikki I Am 25. I Currently Live in

    thanks for the warm welcome and info. Debbie i know about the pan but i don't think i can get enough shows that quick because most of my friends are having other kinds of parties so they wouldn't really buy anything that is why i am waiting for Oct. :) thanks for the info though. I am taking...
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    :) Hello Everyone My Name Is Nikki I Am 25. I Currently Live in

    :) Hello everyone my name is Nikki i am 25. I currently live in Norfolk VA, my hubby is a Sailor and we have a 3 yr old lil boy. I am originally from NYC and have been pretty shocked with the lack of work here in VA. I have been looking to work from home for over a year but for one reason...