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    Early Tax Question

    You can only deduct part of the laptop because you have to amortize the cost over the useful life of the asset. (short answer)
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    Nervous About 1St Show!

    Wow, that's a lot of questions. Breath :) The first thing I suggest you do is watch the kitchen show video that came with your start up paperwork. It REALLY helped me with my first couple of shows. As for having cards to read off of I wrote out an outline of what order I was going to do...
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    Is Anyone Looking to Sale Any of the Retired Itmes. I Have Only Been

    Peace on earth? If anyone has one of the heart molds with the doves over the earth that they would like to sell, let me know. I just happened to see it in the KCN with the rack and thought it would make a nice personal purchase for myself.
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    2 Nights Until 1St Kitchen Show ---- Nervous!!!!!!

    It may sound corney, but when I started I thanked everyone for coming to my very first kitchen show and immediately they became more sympathetic. One good thing about being new is that it is a great opportunity to engage the audience. Explain to them that you would appreciate anything they...
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    Web Order Caution

    You might be able to cancel their orders with HO then have them submit them again, or offer to do it for them this time around.
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    Sept Website Changeover

    Is that link there yet? Is the link to send a mass e-mail there or will they wait until tomorrow to put it on the website. I looked and didn't see it anywhere.
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    Shipping Orders to Comsultant and Not Host?

    I have heard many people mention that they have some or all of their orders shipped to themselves and not the hosts. I have a couple questions about that. 1. How do you get pampered partner to do that without changing the host's address information (is their a way)? If I change the information...
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    Not "Feeling" Celebration Recipes

    I think the recipes are not really fitting in with what most people think of with PC. I can't even find several of the ingredients at my grocery (rice paper wrappers, crepes, and the other dim sum wrap item) If I have to drive to a larger town 45 minutes away just to get the ingredients I am...
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    New Fall Products on Ebay

    The box below contains the User IDs that this member has used on eBay. User ID Effective Date End Date kittykatluver71 Jul-15-05 Present loriannvan Nov-12-02 Jul-15-05 I was reading some of her negative buyer comments and they said that she didn't respond or...
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    New Fall Products on Ebay

    I just clicked on the link and went to see the other items this person has for sale. SHE IS USING THE PC WEBSITE PICTURE OF THE LARGE GROOVED CUTTING BOARD. :mad: I am pretty sure that whether she is a consultant or not she is NOT allowed to use the pics from the PC website...
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    Chat Room

    to exit chat room I looked under chat help and it said to exit you enter the following /exit it will then close the window and sign you out......I think
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    Chat Room

    Chat room has gone crazy? Help :confused: I was trying to use the chat room and it is going crazy. The window keeps refreshing on its own! So every time I start to write a letter is ends of with only part of the message on the screen. I think it is a gliche with the chat room, but maybe it...
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    New to This Forum, Hello All....

    Congratulations and good luck on your PC career. I am new also, August is my first month. This forum has been so helpful to me and I am sure it will be for you too.
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    Qualified for Ss1!

    I had the same question since August is my SS1 as well. I called home office and they said that as of Sept. 1st we will get the new SS bonuses only. So think really hard on what plus bonus you are going to try to earn. I was going to try for the (old)new products so I could have the stainless...
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    Not Doing so Well!! Getting Discouraged!

    I am still in my first few shows and tend to get "stage fright" I have only done four shows, one was terrible, one was ok, one was good and one was great. I have found that telling them right at the beginning that you are new at this and would appreciate any feedback both good and bad, they...
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    Kids in the Kitchen Show

    That is a great guide! With your permission I would like to print off a copy and use it for my kids shows.
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    Kids in the Kitchen Show

    Thanks for the help, both of you. I didn't think you were cocky at all. I figured that the age range will make a big difference in what I make. I am guessing that the show I am doing in August will consist of kids all under the age of 9. I am guessing that most of them will be in the 4-6 range.
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    Kids in the Kitchen Show

    S'more brownie bites Does anyone know where I can get the recipe for S'more brownie bites that are discussed in an above thread? Thanks in advance.
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    Another Consultant Doing Bad Business

    I don't know if this is the "right" advice, but I would probably tell them to call the home office and let them know what is going on. It is not your place to speak badly about the consultant, but if I were you I wouldn't be able to do nothing either. I am sure that home office has rules about...
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    Customer Questions

    I use that as a selling point to sell the knives. So many people want the stones, but I always add that buying the knives too is great because if they get dull they are easy to sharpen and have a lifetime warranty.
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    Customer Questions

    If it doesn't dull your blades than you are lucky. I have the chef's knife and the round pizza stone. My stone does dull the knife. I suppose it also depends on how you use it. If you simply push down through the food it probably won't do much to the blade, but if you drag the blade across in...
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    Customer Questions

    "Stoneware won't dull your knives" I have heard this multiple times from multiple consultants. Customer: Won't it dull my knife if I cut things on the stoneware? Consultant: No, you use stone to sharpen your knives. Customer: Wow, I had no idea, that is great! Why do consultant's tell...
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    Hey Guys! I Was Just Wondering How Many of You Wear Gloves to Do Your

    I have seen that done by other consultants as well. If it is indeed a soap product and not a sanitizer, why don't you need to wash your hands off with water?
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    Car Window Stickers?

    They go on the outside of your windows. I have one on my car (it was a pain to put on, but I think worth it) and another consultant in my cluster has 2 (one on each side of her SUV. Her windows are tinted and it shows up really nicely.
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    New Products on Website??

    Pictures a couple more pictures For those of you who aren't aware. There is a special edition of KCN that includes the next three months specials and lots of other info that many of us do not have. I would imagine that it will be shipped in our fall paperwork box. So we won't have to wait...
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    New Products on Website??

    Pictures! some pictures from the mini catalog
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    New Products on Website??

    Thank you!!! Those SA's are not what I had pictured. I am fortunate, I called mu director and asked if I could take one of her mini catalogs and replace it when I get mine. She said that was fine. Time permitting, I will scan and post some pics from the mini tonight when I get home.
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    New Products on Website??

    Taping the meeting is a great idea, I will ask my director if she will do that for me. It is unfortunate that your meetings are infrequent and noisy. Have you voiced a request that summer meetings be held? Maybe if nothing else a few of you could get together and just catch up on how your...
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    New Products on Website??

    Ah...the cluster meeting I am slightly annoyed at the bad luck I am having with my cluster. I would LOVE to go to the cluster meeting this month, but they moved it to the following monday instead of yesterday. They announced this after I had already scheduled a really big kitchen show for...
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    How Many Recipes to Fix

    I have done two shows and at one I made 2 recipes and the other 3. I kept telling the hostess that 3 was a lot of food for everyone, but she really wanted 3 so I did it (2 were mostly prepared ahead). Normally, I would say if your time is running long I would cut back to 1 for now. It never...