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    Pc Liquidation

    Items Still for Sale Here is a list of items I still have if anyone is interested: Car window decal (never been used) $9.00 Black Consultant Planner Cover $3 Display crate $8 Spring/Summer 04 video $2 Celebrations Kitchen Shows - Boost your Bookings CD $2 Express Yourself...
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    Pc Liquidation

    Supplies Also, I found some postcards that I ordered from Express Yourself. There are 5 packages of "From My Kitchen to Yours!", 5 packages of "Let's Get Cooking!", 13 "Wish Lists" (these have a sticky back, and they can be put on your guests catalogs for them to keep track of what they want...
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    Pc Liquidation

    Door Prizes The door prizes are also sold.
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    Pc Liquidation

    Charm Bracelet Just wanted to let everyone know that my charm bracelet has been purchased already.
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    Pc Liquidation

    Supplies Since I had so many of you interested, I decided to post my items here. Let me know if you are interested in anything by e-mailing me at [email protected] Please remember that these prices do not include S&H. Car window decal (never been used) $9.00 Spring 2005...
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    Pc Liquidation

    Liquidation I, too, have several items for sale. Please click on my name, and e-mail me personally if you are interested in any items. I have several spring 05 catalogs, order forms, PP orders, shirts, etc. Let me know.
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    Pampered Chef Consultant Items for Sale

    I also sent you a personal message, but just in case... I want the 2 crates and the recruiting information below: Getting Started with The Pampered Chef (2)-$.50 each Connections: The Key to Recruiting -$.50 It's Your Time-Be a Recruiting Pro!-$.50 The ABC's of Bookings-$.50 Thanks a...
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    Shredded Lettuce

    Crinkle Cutter all the way!!! :D
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    First Show....

    Recipe I have made the Mexican Taco Salad Pizza at a few of my shows, and it's really easy. The host already has the crust and the burger prepared when you arrive. SIMPLE and FAST!! I have been trying to have a shorter show since everyone is so busy during the summer. I have prepared 1...
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    Big Mistake

    Checks I have been selling for a little over a year. I have only had 1 check bounce, and the guest just had me cancel her order. I have been lucky. I have to agree with the others, I would much rather have to cover 1 smaller check, then the entire show. :eek:
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    Came Home From Work Today, and Low and Behold...there It Was!!! ...And

    I Love It!! I, too, earned the tablecloth, and I absolutely loved it. My husband was even surprised. It fits my dining room table perfectly. I can't wait to start using it at my June shows. Promotes summer very well. I love the PC. :rolleyes:
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    Show Submissions

    Exactly When you submit your show, the show total goes towards the month that it was submitted. Just think, you'll be that much closer to the FREE fall products!! :D
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    What Products Do You Take to a Show, and Why?

    What to bring I generally take ALL the super starter products, and then all the NEW products. All the SS things fit in the crate, and then I have a tote for the new products. I don't take the tool turnabout, I have the crock from the Beer Bread crock set, and I put all my tools in that (since...
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    Part-Time Pc Consultants?

    Sunday calls I usually try to call after six. That way everyone is pretty much finished with dinner, and hopefully just relaxing.
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    Part-Time Pc Consultants?

    I do.. I work full-time, and also do PC on the side. I have struggled with wanting to be on the phone in the evenings, after being on the phone all day. I have decided, something that I read on this site, I will be doing most of my calls on Sunday evenings, so that the stress of my FT job...
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    Who Earned the Patriotic Tablecloth?

    I got it!! I am so excited. I, too, held my own catalog show, just over $150, so that I would have the 2 shows to get the tablecloth. I tried to submit my shows on Sunday evening, and they didn't seem to be going through. I was completely stressed. I planned to wait, and work on them last...
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    Rice Cooker...too Tall for Some Microwaves?

    I also had to replace a rice cooker recently. However, mine replacement worked out ok because the host that had the show ended up buying it from the customer. I also had no idea that it wouldn't fit in every micro. How would you go about checking the sizes of someone's micro. Like the...
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    My Web Site

    I'm also a firm believer in the personal website. I rec'd 2 orders off of during one of my last shows, and the commission I made off those 2 orders paid for the website. Can't beat it!! Everyone needs their own personal website.
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    Recruiting Album

    Thanks for the flyer. I had forgotten that I asked you for it. I just found it today. Thanks again!!. Tammi :)
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    April Guest Special

    Not One!! I had 3 shows, totalling around $1300, and I didn't sell a set either. What did anyone use as selling points? I came across a lot of, "I can get something like that at Wal-mart for a lot cheaper." When customers say something like that about any other product, I don't have a...
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    Hey Chefs!! How Old Are You??

    I'm 32, will be 33 in August, 2 boys ages 14 and 7, and a wonderful husband.
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    Recipe for Margarita's...

    You can actually buy the Margaritta mix at any grocery store, and also at any liquor store. Hope this helps. Tammi
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    Help Whip Cancer

    HWC Fundraiser I am interested in doing a HWC fundraiser (my mom had breast cancer a few years ago). I was going to ask her if she would be interested in helping with the fundraiser, and I wanted to contact the local Cancer Society here in town. Does anyone have any ideas on how to...
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    Is It Too Late to Get April Bookings

    Free Tax Would you mind explaining this to me? It sounds like a great idea, but who pays for the tax on the products? Let me know. Thanks for your help. Tammi
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    I Need Some Encouragement

    Question for all of you... When you receive your survey slips back from your guests, do you call ALL of them, do you only call those that stated they may be intereseted? I was just wondering if you call all of them (those that stated they were not interested in anything--shows or the...
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    Recruiting Album

    Can someone answer this? I am also interested in the "No Risk Factor" flyer. Thanks.
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    Recruiting Album

    I have been doing this since I started PC. I actually bought those folders at Office Max that you would put term papers in, that have the 3 metal claps running down the center of the folder. I bought some of the sheet protectors, removed the staples from the catalogs, and then cut the catalogs...
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    January Consultant Incentive

    AIM Image Marketing. You can access their web-site directly from Consultant Corner, or go to aim-image.com. I was just on their web-site the other day, and they don't have the exact bag, but they have similar ones. I ordered the 25th anniversary bag for myself. Let me know if you have any...
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    Help Whip Cancer 2005 Flyer

    When you have people pre-order these items, is it completed as a catalog show, or just exactly how do you do it? I'm new enough to PC that I missed last May's HWC campaign. Thanks for any advice you can give me. By the way...great flyer. Tammi
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    Cooking Class Flier

    Question I have never heard of doing a cooking class...tell me how you do this. I sounds like it's like a kitchen show, but how do you get the kitchen tools for everyone to use? Do you get their money before hand, and then order the tools? Please let me know. This sounds like a great idea.