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  1. Shawnna

    Are There Any Sticker Websites for Pampered Chef

    What kind of stickers are you looking for? I have some that I won't use...not sure what I have left. Could you email me with what you are looking for...I don't get a chance to get on here very often anymore. My email is [email protected]
  2. Shawnna

    Fraud Email Alert

    Just wanted to let you know the fraud emails are rolling in. I received a message thru my website "contact me" tab from a woman wanting to place an order. I emailed her back stating she could order directly through the website and asking how I could help her. She then sent me a 650.00 order...
  3. Shawnna

    Who Is Going to the National Conference?

    I am excited to be going back to Chicago. NC is always so much fun and I always learn new things. I can't wait to see the new products.
  4. Shawnna

    Catalog Tote - August Promo for Sale

    Are these still available?
  5. Shawnna

    Freezer Meals for Dummies

    I did a version of this for another company years ago as a host. I loved it. Their products were seasonings. I invited guests...I bought the ingredients...the meals were made for me...guests ordered the seasonings to make the meals at home. These were crockpot meals and they were super easy...
  6. Shawnna

    Track Our Change Over Kit and Products Earned

    I received mine today...I was worry because even though I signed up for FedEx notifications I did not receive any. When I tracked my shipment it said it was to be delivered today to Mena Arkansas...I live in Red Oak, OK. But it did arrive today. I found it at the back door partially on the...
  7. Shawnna

    Track Our Change Over Kit and Products Earned

    I was wondering that too. I couldn't even get to the place to do a product adjustment...it just kept kicking me back to the instruction page.
  8. Shawnna

    3-Way Tongs

    I love this product. I have several still in package that I ordered when they were on the outlet. My husband uses them in his catering business when he serves salad.
  9. Shawnna

    Urgent New Products for Fall 2014

    I have been a consultant for 13 years and I don't remember the Magic Mop
  10. Shawnna

    Urgent New Products for Fall 2014

    Thanks for sharing. I am excited that I earned the new Rockroc...I don't have any of them because I didn't think I needed them. I love the DCB. Now I can try it out for FREE.
  11. Shawnna

    Mileage Rates?

    2013 was 56.5 and it is now 56...
  12. Shawnna

    Dip Bar

    Which spices/rubs do you use? Some do not sound like they would be good as a dip...lol
  13. Shawnna

    What Androids Can You Get the Tpc App?

    My android phone is Motorola. It works ok with the app. I prefer the Ipad, but it works good when I don't have wifi service.
  14. Shawnna

    *Spoiler* Spring 2014 Feast Product Discussion *Spoiler*

    I hope everyone enjoyed their Launch today. Did anyone not get to go because of the weather? This has been the craziest weather here in Oklahoma. We got 2-3 inches of snow Friday afternoon and evening. Roads were slick and there were several wrecks in our area. Today, warmer and the snow...
  15. Shawnna

    *Spoiler* Spring 2014 Feast Product Discussion *Spoiler*

    Is the Christmas stuff still available? I want to put out a list to my customers, but I don't want to include anything that isn't available. I will leave the suds pump off
  16. Shawnna

    February/Valentine's Day Special

    Just wanted to update on my Brownie Pan Challenge. I closed and sent the show today. I sold 3 of set #2 and 18 of set #1...+ a color-coated knife. Thank you leshelman for the great idea.
  17. Shawnna

    *Spoiler* Spring 2014 Feast Product Discussion *Spoiler*

    are the insulated beverage and collapsible coolers additional pieces or is the grey replacing the current pieces? I love these pieces and get a lot of compliments on them. However, I do have a lot of 31 pieces as well. I really don't need anymore, but will wait to see what they look like...
  18. Shawnna

    *Spoiler* Spring 2014 Feast Product Discussion *Spoiler*

    Thank you Linda and esavvymom. Appreciate the information. I'm excited about the mini mix n chop. Actually, there are several things I am excited about. I'm hoping all the samples will be open stock like last season. I didn't earn anything...BOO!!
  19. Shawnna

    *Spoiler* Spring 2014 Feast Product Discussion *Spoiler*

    It can be a lot of expense depending on where you go. I don't know how much the event cost this year...I think last time I went it was $50...which covered your meal and your free goodies...the training was free when you added the cost of the meal and free products together. I think my hotel...
  20. Shawnna

    Guesses for What the New Products Could Be and What You Think/Would Like to Retire

    I can never even imagine what the new products will be...it seems we have everything already and then I see them and there is always something that makes me think "Oh yeah, we need that"...lol There are always things I want to see go away and always things I would like to see restyled. I love...
  21. Shawnna

    *Spoiler* Spring 2014 Feast Product Discussion *Spoiler*

    I would love it if they brought back National Conference.
  22. Shawnna

    February/Valentine's Day Special

    Thank you for sharing this. I saw this late last night and decided to challenge myself to sell 10 of these before Valentines Day. So, on my personal and PC facebook pages and on my PC private group page I posted: I have just accepted a challenge to sell 10 of these before Valentine's Day. Set...
  23. Shawnna

    *Spoiler* Spring 2014 Feast Product Discussion *Spoiler*

    Since we don't get to got to Chicago anymore I wish we just did meetings with our Directors. They could post a video online or send a dvd. Even with meetings spread around the country, I still have to drive 4 hours and stay overnight in a hotel.
  24. Shawnna

    *Spoiler* Spring 2014 Feast Product Discussion *Spoiler*

    Everyone is probably tired tonight and sorting things out in their head. Maybe tomorrow we will get the scoop...lol
  25. Shawnna

    Succeed a Little Every Day

    I loved this and wanted to share. Hope it is a blessing to someone else. Succeed a Little Every Day Posted on July 18, 2013 by Donna Partow Every day, you make choices that move you closer or further away from your goals. You are, for the most part, the sum total of the choices you...
  26. Shawnna

    Prayers for Oklahoma Tornado Victms!

    It was aweful...we were driving when that storm hit. Luckily we were able to get around the storm to our hotel room and none of our group was hurt. I know several people who lost their homes. The area is totally destroyed. Thankful that God kept us safe.
  27. Shawnna

    You Might Need a Pampered Chef Show If...

    I love that...did you come up with that Deb? Very true...lol
  28. Shawnna

    Social Media Policy Reminder Email

    I am getting a lot of "shares" from my fb friends that are postings from several another consultants that isn't in our area...not even close to our area. I have no idea where they find them. I don't think any of us purposefully "steal" other consultant's ideas/recipes, etc. I always tell...
  29. Shawnna

    Personal Feeling Lonely Here in Ok

    I'm sorry Rania...I haven't been on here in awhile...I live in Red Oak which is south of Muskogee...about an hour's drive. I live between Poteau and McAlester...about half way.